You Poor, Misguided Asshole…

In case you missed it, George Rekers, an anti-gay crusader who made a handsome (ahem) living on the taxpayer dime being an expert witness in anti-gay trials around the country, has just resigned from his “ex-gay” organization, the National Association of Research and Therapy of of Homosexuality (NARTH? Sounds gay to me). The reason for his resignation? Well, it turns out he hired a strapping young buck from to jet away to Europe for some (hopefully) secret sexy-times and “long-stroking“.

As I’ve said many times before, the infuriating thing about this whole story is not what George and “Lucien” get up to in their European villa. No one cares. It’s more that he, like Larry Craig and Roy Ashburn, spent a good deal of their careers actively working to deny rights to homosexuals. That goes beyond normal levels of hypocrisy and begins to move into pathological self-loathing. While Roy Ashburn has admitted that he is homosexual, Craig and Rekers still vehemently deny that they are gay. Well, what the fuck do you call it when you troll bathrooms for gay sex and hire male prostitutes for European getaways?

In some ways, I feel a smidgen of sympathy for these two and others like them. It’s bad enough that you live a shadowy, secret life because of societal attitudes about sexuality. But I can’t imagine sleeping very well at night if you were both a closeted gay person and over-compensating by denouncing gay people for profit. It’s pathetic and sad. I’m torn on the practice of outing closeted politicians, mainly because privacy is important. Sometimes, however, I think these guys want to be outed. Perhaps it’s like a serial killer who unconsciously leaves clues because of the guilt over his crimes; the internal conflict is so much that they can’t help but be caught toe-tapping in the bathroom. On the other hand, a big part of me wants to just smack them for being such giant assholes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a  world where everyone was free to love and be loved in any way they saw fit and didn’t have to resort to dangerous and hypocritical behavior to cover up their own denial?


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