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A Deafening Silence…

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That’s the sound you’re hearing from rottenart right now. Why? Well, being on the road with only a cell phone for internet access makes it a little tough to keep up with the writing. There’s all sorts of interesting news happening, but frankly, I just don’t have the gumption at the moment. I’ve been spending the last month hanging with my son, seeing the sights of the East Coast, and staying glued to the World Cup (Go USA!).

A more regular schedule will resume after I get back to home base in July. I hope you guys can forgive me for the long absence, but from my stats, it seems you all have enough material from me to keep you occupied. I promise not to let my font of wisdom run dry on you just yet! Remember: patience is a virtue. Going this long without ranting is bound to result in some epic frothing at the mouth when I return.



Politics Involves Making Deals? IMPEACH HIM!

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So, the right-wing and the chattering class really have their panties in a bunch over revelations that the White House offered jobs to Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff in exchange for dropping their primary bids against Arlen Spector and Michael Bennet, respectively. Yes, I can see why trying to ensure that the party doesn’t throw money down a hole in a primary battle as opposed to protecting their majority is absolutely criminal behavior. Certainly no other administration in the history of ever has made these sorts of bargains with the devil? Oh right.

As Steve points out, the height of hypocrisy is for Fox to have Karl Rove — KARL ROVE! — of all people talking about the impropriety of this. Remember this is the guy who oversaw clear violations of the Hatch Act as a matter of course. Then there was a little dust-up you may recall involving US attorneys? Of course, that’s just the stuff involving political deals. When any of Obama’s perceived “tarnishing” rises to the level of lying the country into war, give me a ring.

That some are calling for an independent prosecutor to investigate the non-issue makes me feel like it’s 1995 all over again. The Republicans know they have no real plan to fix or even help the country so it’s back to the old standby of character assassination and expensive investigations. Whitewater? Vince Foster? Hell, for that matter, Clinton’s impeachment? Now imagine all those bogus temper tantrums with the added insanity of Obama Derangement Syndrome and The Teabag Party. I have even money that says Republicans aren’t going to come close to regaining the majority in the Fall, but the prospect of spending taxpayer money on pointless investigation and completely gumming up the works of government as opposed to trying to make it work for everyone… well, that’s just one more reason to make sure they don’t regain power.

More Fun In The Modern Court

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Well, I can’t see how this will be a problem at all! Our burgeoning police state is always so calm and polite, every suspect will be glad to rattle off the Miranda vs. Arizona case law that ensures we have the right to remain silent. With this decision, the SCOTUS has effectively made a circular logic vortex so large that time itself may not escape: you must speak up in order to assert your right to not speak up. Brilliant.

Since the Citizens United ruling effectively enshrined corporate “personhood” I wonder if we can use this new-found Orwellian debacle to force a little Justice — American Style on BP? Of course, they have access to lawyers who really can spout precedent. I’m not sure your average profiled Hispanic has quite the same privilege. It probably won’t be long before they rule that you must also assert the rights in English too, just in case. God knows only Mexicans illegals aliens terrorists speak Spanish. Still, I’d like to see what happens when a “hatriot” is arrested for beating his wife or whatever and decides to sue because he incriminated himself unwittingly. Funny how those laws apply to white people too. Usually.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: more than Katrina, Iraq, Enron, or any other cynical Bush administration action, the stacking of the Supreme Court with ideological warriors is the single most damaging infliction he could have made on this country. John Roberts is likely to lead a long, healthy life (helped out by government-backed, socialist health care of course). He has many, many years left to finally shred the last of the Constitution.

Take It While You Got It.

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There’s probably not a lot left to be said about the continuing crisis in the Gulf, but please indulge me for a second. It’s obvious that BP is doing everything it can to mitigate its exposure to consequences from the gigantic cluster-fuck, even down to hiring a Cheney flack to handle PR. Robert Reich has made a case for government takeover of BP’s North American operations. While there might be a few problems with this approach, legal and otherwise, I think just a strategy could be a giant nail in coffin of the “Big Government” meme that is the Teabaggers’ raison d’etre.

As far as it goes, the problem is that Obama is between a rock and a hard place in terms of PR. While I don’t think that should be a priority, it is unfortunately a reality in today’s 24-hour media environment. One can imagine the caterwauls of “Socialism” if such a move were made, even as the know-nothings cry about how the government isn’t doing enough. I would hope the media could knock this ridiculous hypcrasy softball out of the park but we all know that ain’t gonna happen. The administration has done everything it can possibly do at this point. Short of the receivership plan posited by Reich, it would just be more strong words from a podium, which plays into Liz Cheney’s slimy hands.

As I mentioned, the unknowns from a government takeover are various but the potential benefits could be enormous. If the government were to step in, direct the containment and clean-up efforts, and just deduct the entire cost from BP’s assets before handing it back over (not to mention that all involved face real criminal prosecution) then maybe Americans might see how government can be effective at directing the free market to work fairly. Which is what is supposed to happen.

Obama has a chance here to step up and put his money where his mouth is. The only way to ensure that corporations, especially Big Oil, do the right thing is to force them, plain and simple. I know this doesn’t exactly address the ongoing problem of what to do about the spill but it sure might be a step closer to justice.

Also, as a side note, does this argument make sense to anybody else besides me? Ship the bastards off in shackles.