More Fun In The Modern Court

Well, I can’t see how this will be a problem at all! Our burgeoning police state is always so calm and polite, every suspect will be glad to rattle off the Miranda vs. Arizona case law that ensures we have the right to remain silent. With this decision, the SCOTUS has effectively made a circular logic vortex so large that time itself may not escape: you must speak up in order to assert your right to not speak up. Brilliant.

Since the Citizens United ruling effectively enshrined corporate “personhood” I wonder if we can use this new-found Orwellian debacle to force a little Justice — American Style on BP? Of course, they have access to lawyers who really can spout precedent. I’m not sure your average profiled Hispanic has quite the same privilege. It probably won’t be long before they rule that you must also assert the rights in English too, just in case. God knows only Mexicans illegals aliens terrorists speak Spanish. Still, I’d like to see what happens when a “hatriot” is arrested for beating his wife or whatever and decides to sue because he incriminated himself unwittingly. Funny how those laws apply to white people too. Usually.

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: more than Katrina, Iraq, Enron, or any other cynical Bush administration action, the stacking of the Supreme Court with ideological warriors is the single most damaging infliction he could have made on this country. John Roberts is likely to lead a long, healthy life (helped out by government-backed, socialist health care of course). He has many, many years left to finally shred the last of the Constitution.


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