Politics Involves Making Deals? IMPEACH HIM!

So, the right-wing and the chattering class really have their panties in a bunch over revelations that the White House offered jobs to Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff in exchange for dropping their primary bids against Arlen Spector and Michael Bennet, respectively. Yes, I can see why trying to ensure that the party doesn’t throw money down a hole in a primary battle as opposed to protecting their majority is absolutely criminal behavior. Certainly no other administration in the history of ever has made these sorts of bargains with the devil? Oh right.

As Steve points out, the height of hypocrisy is for Fox to have Karl Rove — KARL ROVE! — of all people talking about the impropriety of this. Remember this is the guy who oversaw clear violations of the Hatch Act as a matter of course. Then there was a little dust-up you may recall involving US attorneys? Of course, that’s just the stuff involving political deals. When any of Obama’s perceived “tarnishing” rises to the level of lying the country into war, give me a ring.

That some are calling for an independent prosecutor to investigate the non-issue makes me feel like it’s 1995 all over again. The Republicans know they have no real plan to fix or even help the country so it’s back to the old standby of character assassination and expensive investigations. Whitewater? Vince Foster? Hell, for that matter, Clinton’s impeachment? Now imagine all those bogus temper tantrums with the added insanity of Obama Derangement Syndrome and The Teabag Party. I have even money that says Republicans aren’t going to come close to regaining the majority in the Fall, but the prospect of spending taxpayer money on pointless investigation and completely gumming up the works of government as opposed to trying to make it work for everyone… well, that’s just one more reason to make sure they don’t regain power.


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