A Deafening Silence…

That’s the sound you’re hearing from rottenart right now. Why? Well, being on the road with only a cell phone for internet access makes it a little tough to keep up with the writing. There’s all sorts of interesting news happening, but frankly, I just don’t have the gumption at the moment. I’ve been spending the last month hanging with my son, seeing the sights of the East Coast, and staying glued to the World Cup (Go USA!).

A more regular schedule will resume after I get back to home base in July. I hope you guys can forgive me for the long absence, but from my stats, it seems you all have enough material from me to keep you occupied. I promise not to let my font of wisdom run dry on you just yet! Remember: patience is a virtue. Going this long without ranting is bound to result in some epic frothing at the mouth when I return.



One Response to “A Deafening Silence…”

  1. Kimber Harvey Says:

    You’re coming back July 2010????? Sweet…..

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