A Perfect Example

One of the things that gets me ranting more than most any other is blatant hypocrisy. There’s also a big difference between minor, accidental hypocrisy and craven, cynical manipulation in the hopes that no one will call you on it. Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions is a great example of the latter. You may remember him as an old school southern racist who happens to sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee. We saw his antics in full swing during the Sotomayor hearings last year (in which the Wise Latina totally served him good). Well, in addition to his racism, he’s also a full-bore hypocrite. Yesterday, during the confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan, Sessions praised Lily Ledbtter for the bill that borrows her name, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Some of you might know that the Lily Ledbetter Act was f the Dems’ first legislative accomplishment after winning their majority in 2008. It corrected an onerous SCOTUS decision and made it possible to seek justice and restitution in the face of pay discrimination. It was a noble law that worked to stymie the right-wing bent of the Roberts court and its favoritism of corporations over individuals. All in all, a great thing to have worked for and Sessions is correct to praise it passage and Ms. Ledbetter’s courageous fight for justice.

The only snag in the story is that while he sang the praises of the law in front of the cameras yesterday, he was actually one of 23 senators to vote against the law. Of course, he wouldn’t dare look in Lily Ledbetter’s eyes and reiterate his opposition to the law, which would be not only insane but also a really huge dick move. Instead, he acted like most of the Republican jellyfish currently holding office: he cowered and made it seem like he was for the law all along, knowing full well that he would (mostly) get away with it. In all fairness, it may be that he’s not as cold as I’m making him out to be; perhaps he’s just so stupid that he forgot he voted against it.

Whatever the case, that little incident sums up the Right’s hypocrisy on nearly every issue. As a matter of course, any time a Republican praises a piece of legislation, you can place odds on the fact that they opposed it 100%. I just thought this would be the perfect example to both continue to point out the brazen deceit of the modern Republican party and also to announce that, well, I’m back.


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