Will The Diapers Get Changed Now? (Updated)

David Vitter is a pretty lucky guy.

In 2007, in the release of phone numbers to the “DC Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfry, it was discovered that Vitter was a big fan of the prostitution ring. In addition, rumors began to float about his particular fetishes, which, in any normal universe, aren’t really all that bizarre or something to be mocked. However, this is also also the David Vitter who denounced the indiscretions of his predecessor, Bob Livingston and firmly called for the resignation of Bill Clinton after his hummer from Monica. All this is usually way more than enough to topple a politician (see: Spitzer, Eliott). That’s where the luck comes in. See, Vitter is both a Republican and a senator from Louisiana. In the first instance, Republicans don’t ever have to subscribe to the same rules as Democrats. In the second, Louisiana has come to expect (and ignore) corruption and scandal from its politicians.

However, Vitter is caught in a new scandal that might be a bit more salacious than a simple brothel visit. It seems that an aide to Vitter, one Brent Furer, is kind of a dick. A convicted dick, to be precise. The major problem is that Vitter continued to employ the guy (to work on “women’s issues” no less) after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend in a domestic violence incident. Now, reportedly, the wound was minor, so he has that going for him. Of course, there’s also his drunk driving conviction from 2003. These are serious revelations, raising questions about Vitter’s judgment. It’s only natural that he would hold a presser and address the scandal head on, right? Not quite.

In fact, Vitter has been hiding out for two weeks and only spoke to reporters when cornered yesterday. In the exchange, (covered here by Brian Beutler and TPM) Vitter states quite clearly that Furer didn’t work on women’s issues for his office. Unfortunately, as the article makes clear, that’s a complete lie. In fact, it’s a lie so easily disproved that I’m surprised Vitter would be that dumb. This story is only beginning to grow legs, so we’ll have to wait to see how it plays out. I know LA voters will put up with a lot but I wonder if they will allow this cover-up to slide. Maybe Vitter’s dirty diapers just got a little too smelly?

Update (via TPM): Well, as per usual with the Right, it turns out abortion is not a women’s issue. Is anyone surprised?


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