Finally, A Little Honesty!

Peter King is a pretty colorful politician. No matter the occasion, the NY congressman has an insane take on it, from Miranda Rights to South Park. It was with surprise, then, that I read this item about his shocking display of lucid thought on Bill Bennett’s radio show:

“So, It’s a combination of being against what Obama is for, and also giving certain specifics of what we are for. Having said that, I don’t think we have to lay out a complete agenda, from top to bottom, because then we would have the national mainstream media jumping on every point trying to make that a campaign issue.”
-Rep. Peter King(emphasis added by ThinkProgress)

I’m sure he didn’t realize the truth of what he’s implying. God forbid anyone make a campaign issue out of your plans for running the country. For Republicans, all the normal functions of governing a massive democratic republic are just footnotes to the real objective: retaining power. They can’t see any reason to focus on issues and solutions because people might see what they stand for and that might not get them elected. Instead, it’s much better to gin up fear and vitriol because people tend to listen to demagogues when they’re scared and hopeless. The Right Wing doesn’t give a damn about the middle and lower classes; they simply want to grandstand, cajole, jeer, whine, froth at the mouth and invent wacky conspiracies to justify why they will do a better job running the country than they did from 2000 to 2008. Remember how great those years were? Republicans are hoping dearly that you don’t.

King’s statement gives lie to the wizard behind the curtain: Republicans can’t campaign on their agenda because people don’t like their agenda. The only things they can seem to dredge up are long discredited talking points about tax cuts for corporations. That is some agenda! Next thing you know, they’ll be insinuating that Obama isn’t a citizen because that is central to the problems facing our country (wait a minute…). Cantor, Boehner, and the rest of the know-nothings don’t have anything to sell the American public and they have placed their bets on no one discovering their secret.

I must admit, it is refreshing to hear a Republican loon speak with such candor, even unintentionally.


One Response to “Finally, A Little Honesty!”

  1. […] Notice that he makes no mention of the American people asking the GOP what exactly they would do if they were to control Congress again. Boehner, for his part, expanded on his “obstructionism” plan today, outlining what his moratorium on federal regulation would look like. Unfortunately for his “gubmint is bad” base, it basically calls for a whole new level of bureaucracy and expansion of government as related to spending and is hardly the complete halt that he originally called for. Which explains why no one wants to talk about Republican platforms, least of all during a campaign! […]

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