‘Refudiate’ Indeed

Everyone’s favorite half-term governor, the Quitta from Wasilla, $arah Palin, was in fine form again over the weekend. Eschewing the normal communication outlets, she took to Twitter to give us all her opinion about the proposed Muslim community center being built a few blocks north of the WTC site. This has become a bit of a cause célèbre with conservatives since it was announced, so it’s no surprise that Palin jumped on the bandwagon. She called on “peaceful Muslims” to “refudiate” the plan. I guess to a throng of supporters who ate up Bush’s malapropisms with glee, this is just another folksy utterance (‘refudiate’ is not a word). After the Twitter-verse exploded about her creative language skills, she replaced the tweet with another, this time claiming that since she made up a word, and Shakespeare also coined new words, she was like Shakespeare! Ipso fatso (thanks, Bart)!

Leaving aside the inanity of $arah Palin comparing herself to the Bard, she, along with many other conservative idiots, are simply livid over the proposed center. Never mind that the neighborhood where it is being built has approved the idea. $arah and the rest of “Real America” don’t live in NY but they sure do want to offer their verbal diarrhea every time New Yorkers do something they don’t approve of. It reminds me of the furor regarding 9/11. For years, and even to this day, right-wingers love to bash NYC as a den of inequity, home to the most devious liberal elites in the entire country who have no idea what life is really like. That “liberal elite” tag is easily the most popular, even though most of the mouthpieces where $arah and friends get their indoctrination work right there in Manhattan, the belly of the beast, and make quite the nice salary. So then, after the attacks on the WTC, suddenly they all had a fondness for this, the greatest of American cities, overflowing in their support and empathy. They love to trot out the spectre of 9/11 at any chance as if it happened to them directly. Hell, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson blamed all the homosexuals and liberals in NYC as the reason 9/11 happened!

Personally, I think it sounds like having your cake and eating it too. If you were busy popping out puppies and speaking in tongues in Wasilla, AK, then you don’t really get a say in what New Yorkers do in NY. You can stay in Real America, making up words. It’s galling that on one hand conservatives rip all over NYC in one breath, then genuflect in its hallowed memory the next. This is no different. If you can’t discern between a tiny minority of fundamentalists and the millions of believers in one of the largest faiths in the world, maybe you shouldn’t be offering up your Shakespearean language skills to comment on something that obviously won’t affect you in the least. Does anyone think that bit of logic is going to shut her up?

That was a rhetorical question.


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