The Perils of Republican Management

Steve Benen over at Washington Monthly spots this potentially explosive story about Michael “Cow On the Tracks” Steele’s RNC. Now, when I say ‘explosive’ I mean it only insofar as the useless mainstream media would do some work to broadcast it to the public. It turns out the RNC is $7 million more in debt than its FEC filings had shown. Steve points out that this could be more than just a PR problem; it could also be illegal. Knowingly hiding your debt in FEC filings is a criminal offense and I find it hard to believe that the same RNC that spent thousands on a lesbian bondage club and tried to cover it up is also being forthright about its campaign finances. It seems like a story the news should be all over, doesn’t it?

Of course, leaving aside the legality, it’s simply a mind-bender. This is the party apparatus that is fighting to regain the levers of power in our government. Their current rallying cry is “Fiscal Discipline” as if they know anything about it. Well, this story makes it clear that they not only don’t know anything about it, they just don’t care. It’s common knowledge that bigwigs in the GOP have quietly been urging donors to refrain from giving money to the RNC, based on Steele’s – how do it put it nicely? – diarrhea of the mouth problem. Additionally, there’s a whole shadow network of political groups that are happy to funnel money from secret donors in nefarious ways into the GOP’s coffers. So, in terms of having cash on hand, I’m convinced that the GOP as a whole will be just fine. But it does speak to the larger point about management. Or mismanagement, as the case may be. Michael Steele has been spending like a drunken sailor in his tenure as head of the party. Which brings to mind another head of the Republican party some years back, who managed to take a $127 million budget surplus and turn it into a $455 million billion deficit. And, just like Steele and the RNC, he was able to do this through some really creative accounting.

Don’t worry if you don’t know who I’m talking about. If early indications are correct, then the Republican midterm strategy will be to make sure you’re reminded.


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