Okie Progress?

I suppose from a female empowerment standpoint, the gubernatorial race in OK is a step forward. Mary Fallin predictably won the Republican nod while Lt. Gov. Jari Askins scraped by in a nail-biter over State Atty. Gen. Drew Edmondson. Fallin is polling strong for November but I’ll hold back commenting until I see what Askins comes up with. However, Fallin remains a strong favorite in a state that actually got more conservative from 2004 to 2008. In any event, there will be a historical first for OK in the Fall: an all-female contest.

In this case, unfortunately, given Fallins’ political character, it’s more a case of no steps forward, maybe half a step backward. Mary Fallin, as the 5th District congressional representative, was a reliable wingnut. There’s no real indication that she’ll change course as state Chief Executive. Like $arah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Sharron Angle, Fallin is a detriment to any sort of feminist progressivism. In the circles that support her campaign, the idea is undermine gains in equal rights for a cynical approach to modern-day conservatism. The woman’s place is in the kitchen, dontcha know? Didn’t you see that footage of Grizzly $arah making sandwiches for her All-American Kids? She doesn’t actually do that, but…

I’ll be rooting for Jari and may throw some support her way. I think she’d be a great governor. But the rabid nature of the anti-feminist party that holds OK in its grip virtually ensures that the Know-Nothingness of Mary Fallin, the Teabaggers, and a majority of Okie voters will  persevere. It makes the historic nature of Oklahoma’s first female governor seem a little hollow.


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