Catching the Cordoba Crazies

You may have heard by now that plans are afoot in NYC to build a 13 story Muslim community center two blocks away from the WTC site. The center, dubbed The Cordoba House, has been garnering predictable right-wing ire since it was announced. Our very own cookie monster, Newt Gingrich has made it a pet cause of sorts, imploring the United states to give up on its 1st Amendment freedom of religion and act a little more like Saudi Arabia. $arah Palin, noted non-New Yorker and shameless grifter, has also inserted herself into the fray by making up words and comparing herself to Shakespeare. And those are just the GOP’s leaders’ idiotic thoughts on the subject. We’ve also seen offensive 9/11 porn set to appear on NYC buses and a cringe-worthy ‘song‘ denouncing the center. Deducing from their subtle and informed reasoning, the xenophobes just aren’t that into a mosque in lower Manhattan.

Now, if it were simply a case of ignorant morons and craven political hacks lashing out at a major world religion, then I could sort of see the logic. Privileged white people have been hating on other, more colorful people for a long time and scapegoating all of our country’s ills on some foreign Other is practically a national pastime. I could even cut them a little slack for being so concerned about the sacred ground at Ground Zero, despite their outright disdain for NYC on the 364 days a year that aren’t 9/11. Yes, I’m willing to concede a lot when it comes to ignorant arguments as long as they’re somewhat consistent.

But… SURPRISE! The wingnuts can’t even seem to keep their hate on target unless it’s an election year (you all saw that coming, no doubt). You see, prior to Newt burning some calories trying to turn us into Theocracy-Land and $arah the fame-whore mangling the English language there was already a heathen house of worship four blocks from our national sacred construction pit! Of course this doesn’t count the large number of other mosques in NYC, or even in that other over-compensating symbol of American virility, The Pentagon, which also has a mosque. Why, it’s almost as if America is comprised at all levels of people with different faiths that simply want to practice their own particular brand of mumbo-jumbo in peace accordng to the freedom that we prattle on so much about.

Sadly, this is not the case in today’s Real America™, where we don’t care what religion you are as long as it’s the right one. Witness the waffling of NY Governor David Paterson, who offered to give state land to the Cordoba House’s organizers if they agree to build somewhere else, which is obviously the complete opposite of the 1st Amendment (the organizers refused the offer). NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, to his credit, delivered an intelligent speech on the need for inclusion and tolerance which, predictably, was completely passed over. Not only that, Cordoba Craziness seems to be turning into a pandemic, with opposition to proposed mosques across the country reaching fever pitch.

I think someone should explain slowly and carefully to these lemmings that this sort of anti-Muslim behavior is exactly how Al-Qaeda describes us to the Muslim World. Is it so crazy to think that we should be working to counter-act their image of us as at war with Islam instead of proving their point? Newt, $arah, and the rest of the mouth-breathers know very well that this sort of demagoguery is helpful in firing up their base; the problem is that it’s becoming harder and harder to tell their base from our ostensible enemies.


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