Just So You Know, Fox Funds ‘Terrorism’

Jon Stewart, either hilariously or depressingly, is one the best news guys out there. In another stellar bit of reporting/comedy, he points out to us that the terrorist radical Saudi prince who all the Fox talking heads insist is funding the Park51 community center single-handedly, personally recruiting for Hamas, and shoving Sharia Law down Real America’s throat also just happens to be the biggest shareholder in News Corp.

In fact, for all the chumminess ascribed to Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal and the Cordoba Initiative’s Feisal Abdul Rauf, there seems to be a little love for Uncle Rupert too. I wonder why in the world Fox News wouldn’t mention this new media venture in that freedom loving democracy, Saudi Arabia?

I can’t imagine it needs repeating, but Fox News wouldn’t know credibility if it came crying to them with photos of the holocaust and a big, confusing chalkboard.


One Response to “Just So You Know, Fox Funds ‘Terrorism’”

  1. Yep. If that was MSNBC, right-wingers would be all over it. What about Bush’s business connections to the bin Laden family?

    If it doesn’t fit their narrative, it doesn’t matter.

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