Okie GOP Primary… Yawn! (Updated)

Did any of you realize that yesterday was Primary Day here and also in other places? Well, the big news is that the giant Teabag Revolution designed to “Throw The Bums Out!” is a total flop. Yes, I hear you saying, but the useless media told us for weeks that there was an anti-incumbent wave sweeping the nation! Then tell me why John Mccain will be the GOP nominee for Arizona then, smartie.

The truth is, there is no anti-incumbent fever heating up for November. As Rachel Maddow pointed out Monday, only 7 out of over 300 incumbents lost yesterday. I’m no math whiz, but that seems like pretty weak tea. Basically, Like the inestimable Ken Layne pointed out in the Wonkette link, people may hate Congress, but they like their congressperson, which makes me wonder why more people’s heads aren’t exploding from the dissonance. All the big hitters are still standing for the midterms and even $aint $arah Palin’s moose mojo couldn’t topple The Murkowski Machine actually it looks like Teabagger insanity may have eked out a narrow victory against Murkowski. I would add a comment here about how most of the people running against the incumbents are all bat-shit insane, but you already knew that.

This non-excitement continued in the Sooner State too, with the christian bowl haircut beating out the veteran bowl haircut for the chance to ride Mary Fallin’s coattails in the Fall. Some other dude is going to run against Dan Boren too, though that will also be a wash. Basically, the un-excitement cascaded over the southern part of the country like a smooth summer breeze. Well, except for Florida, where only slimy criminals won. Get set for a boring campaign season as yard signs begin to multiply exponentially on our highways and promenades and crappy teevee commercials foretell Armageddon if we vote for the Democrat. Come to think of it, the latter point probably applies to Dan Boren too.

So, go back to work, America. Your revolution is over, Mr. Teabagger. Condolences. The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did: get a job, sir.

UPDATE: Teabag insurgent Joe Miller is holding a surprising lead in Alaska after a very close race. He leads Murkowski by around 3000 votes, with rural areas still coming in. So maybe we can make that total 8 for 299.

(cross-posted at examiner.com)


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