Focus On The Family Must Like Stabbings

Today, Norman police were called to the Homeland grocery store across the street from Norman High School. It seems a kid had been being bullied repeatedly, with several attempts by the parents to get the school involved to no avail. The kid’s older brother stepped in and confronted the bully, consequently being stabbed by him. The wounds were minor and he’s going to be fine, and the bully is in custody . But the story got me thinking about bullying in general.

A practice as old as it is obnoxious, bullying has made the leap from schoolyards to chat messages and Myspace in recent years. The digital form is no less dangerous and has actually led to some notable deaths. It seems bullying is still a pretty big problem, arguably even more so now, given the speed of communication and social media. With all these factors in place it makes sense that many schools and municipalities are enacting legislation aimed at enlightening kids and curbing bullies.

Not surprisingly, Focus on the Family doesn’t see it that way. With a moniker like that, you would be forgiven for thinking the organization, founded by religious zealot James Dobson, would have all of America’s families in mind. In actuality, it is a radical right-wing organization that constantly sees all events through the prism of Christianity’s ‘oppression’ in today’s world. It is this nonsensical premise that leads it to denounce anti-bullying efforts as advancing the ‘gay agenda’ and destroying the fabric of society. Yes, seriously:

“We feel more and more that activists are being deceptive in using anti-bullying rhetoric to introduce their viewpoints, while the viewpoint of Christian students and parents are increasingly belittled,” Candi Cushman, an education analyst for the group, told The Denver Post. “Listing certain categories creates a system ripe for reverse discrimination, sending the message that certain characteristics are more worthy of protection than others,” she explained to TPM. Somehow, in their twisted world-view, teaching kids to be tolerant of one another regardless of color, creed or sexual orientation is actually fostering discrimination.

Obviously, Focus gives wingnut Okie legislator Sally Kern a big thumbs up for her bizarre ramblings about the evils of homosexuals, calling them the biggest threat to America, ā€œeven more so than terrorists and Islam.ā€ So, teaching kids that bullying is dangerous but denigrating fellow citizens and comparing them to terrorists (and Islam?) is somehow Christian in its charity? Sometimes my head hurts trying to figure out these paranoid bigots.

The only conclusion is that Focus on the Family would rather have kids stabbed outside their high school than teach them to tolerate those who are different. To claim that this is a Christian point of view is the icing on the cake. Jesus Christ, notable for turning the other cheek and hanging out with prostitutes, might have a bit of a quibble with their stance. Hopefully, Norman High School and other localities across the nation will choose to follow the example of Christ himself rather than his deranged followers.

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