Sheriff Joe Has Got To Go

The Justice Department, after a year of stonewalling from America’s favorite badged bigot, has finally brought a lawsuit against sheriff Joe Arpaio. It seems they requested documents and internal communications from Arpaio’s dept. more than 15 months ago in connection with a probe into allegations of discrimination and harassment against immigrants. The sheriff, known for his hard-line stance against brown people from Mexico, has vowed not to be “intimidated” by the feds.

The Maricopa County sheriff once famously appeared in a reality TV show on… wait for it… Fox called Smile! You’re Under Arrest in which he tricked people with outstanding warrants to turn themselves in. I can’t wait to see the footage of US marshals knocking down ol’ Joe’s door and dragging him away in handcuffs for defying federal law. The only thing that troubles me is that litigation is the path chosen by Eric Holder at DoJ. If you or I ignored requests from the government for documents in the public record, do you think they would choose to sue or just go straight for incarceration?

One of the funniest parts about Arpaio’s ‘heroic stand’ against the feds is that he complained about not receiving stimulus funds last year. For a warrior, he sure does do a lot of crying when things don’t go his way. In any event, I hope this lawsuit will be the end of sheriff Joe. His antics are a manifestation of the worst side of America: ignorance, hatred, intolerance and arrogance. Coupled with governor Jan Brewer’s awesome debate performance yesterday, perhaps AZ is on its way to chopping off at least two heads; those of the hydra called the Radical Right.


One Response to “Sheriff Joe Has Got To Go”

  1. that man is lost in a fantasy world of his own importance. he thought he could just ignore the dept of justice and do his own thing.

    now theyve sued his ass. Im with you. I wish they would go and cuff his ass up and put him in that tent city with pink panties on. See how he likes it.

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