A Match Made In Heaven

What better marriage than Teabaggers and Reality TV? When the favored candidates of the extreme mainstream Right-Wing show all the intellectual prowess of Snooki or Paris Hilton, vapid television programming is the next logical step. The new show, Running, will feature Tea Party backed candidates, some of whom have already lost their primary bids, making for an anti-climactic viewing experience. The show will be featured on RightNetwork, the attention-getting vanity project of notable loon Andrew Breitbart and certifiable jack-ass Kelsey Grammer. As if the radical right needed another propaganda channel.

Leaving aside the utter ridiculousness of treating politics as reality TV, I have to give a little credit to Breitbart. He certainly understands his supporters. When your entire political ideology is a blend of proud ignorance, Fox News talking points and outright scare-mongering, then reality programming is probably right up your alley. It proves the intellectual void that fills the modern GOP/Tea Party. Their policies, though proven to have brought the country to the brink of disaster over the past thirty years, do sound good in a sound-bite. As long as you don’t have to think too hard and rely on whatever nonsense Limbaugh and Beck spew to formulate your world view, why would you take politics or policy seriously?

Depressingly, Running will be a huge hit, because more people can name a judge on American Idol than can name the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Breitbart should be proud. I think we’ve finally reached the lowest common denominator. Snooki Palin for President!


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