Teabaggers Celebrate A Big Night

Well, the votes are in and it turns out Teabagging is good for your primary electability. Christine “Masturbation Is A Sin” O’Donnell beat Mike Castle for the GOP Senate nomination in Delaware and Carl “Mad As Hell” Paladino crushed Rick Lazio in the gubernatorial primary in New York. Both are almost comical figures who join the growing ranks of lunatic fringe candidates who have successfully challenged moderate Republicans across the country.¬† It seems that Republican primary voters are willing to sacrifice integrity, intelligence, common sense and electability to make a point.

As far as I’m concerned, there are two sides to this story. On one hand, you could be holding your head right now, trying to figure out just what happened to moderation in this country. That these radical right wingers could even be considered, let alone win a major party nomination is a depressing comment on our nation and its political discourse. In a sane world, the ideas of Angle, Miller, Paul, Paladino et al, would get them laughed from the room, not fund-raising for a general election. Just because the electorate is upset about the economy, does that mean they simultaneously lose their minds and give in to fear and lunacy?

On the other, you have to remember that these are primary wins. Despite the media narrative and adulation sure to be pouring in during the weeks ahead, the election of such far right caricatures makes the Democrats’ job that much easier. Teabaggers may be whooping for joy that they defeated what they see as insufficiently conservative politicians but, unfortunately for them, the country doesn’t view the country in the same way as committed Tea Party primary voters.

I’m not going to stop fighting to retain Democrats (and progressives specifically. Go Ann McLane Kuster!) in November. The thought that any of these whackos has a chance of actually holding public office is just to dangerous to allow. However, I take solace in the fact that their world-view is not mainstream, or even very popular. They’re riding a populist wave that could very easily grow into a tsunami headed directly at them. We can only hope.


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