A Quick Sunday Link

Time is short, but I thought I’d share a link with everyone. Fallin Fail is an excellent clearinghouse for Mary Fallin lunacy.  I was directed to the site by this post from Digby about the ridiculous authoritarian behavior from Fallin at the Jim Thorpe Museum. Jari Askins, Fallin’s Democratic opponent in the gubernatorial race, was invited to speak and take questions along with Fallin. However, Mary made the bizarre request that Askins, her staff, and any supporters had to leave the room while Fallin spoke. Digby has it exactly right: for all their tough talk about revolution and independence, they sure love to act like burgeoning fascists, stifling dissent and only appearing in front of friendly audiences.

I’d encourage you all to vist Fallin Fail, as some of the antics really have to be read to be believed. This woman is vying to run the state and if she’s successful, be prepared for any criticism of her and her policy to be suspiciously absent.


One Response to “A Quick Sunday Link”

  1. Josh Andrews Says:

    wow – this post is all kinds of #win thanks for telling us about the site. Did you see that video of her cheating? Guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

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