Funny, Fox Didn’t Mention This Rally

If I told you a rally was held on the national mall this weekend, made up of progressives, liberals and Democrats, and it eclipsed Glenn Beck’s Million Moron March in attendance numbers, would you believe me? I know, I know, none of the mainstream news channels bothered to report on it. There were no megalomaniac cable hosts or certifiably insane former politicians trying to co-opt Rev. King’s message of equality. Also, people who weren’t white showed up! All this makes for a sound byte that is BOOOOORRRRIIIINNG!!!! So, best just to ignore it and pretend it didn’t even happen. Hey, it worked for the anti-war march that featured millions of people prior to the Iraq invasion. Did you know that happened? Maybe you read reports that said “tens of thousands”? Starting to get the picture?

The point is that progressives are not just up against an ignorant, archaic, intolerant conservative movement. Despite the fact that the shrill right-wing has been bank-rolled by extremely wealthy business interests (the Brothers Koch come to mind), their ideas sink them every time.  People simply don’t like the message from the right. And why should they? Tax cuts for millionaires and cuts in social services doesn’t exactly jibe with the populist rhetoric they spout day after day and certainly doesn’t cut it with the millions who aren’t filthy rich. No, in addition to a brain-dead right-wing, they also have to contend with a mainstream media that acts as if conservatism is a serious intellectual movement and progressives are all dirty hippies.

Unfortunately, all of the attention from the media will be on a decidedly less progressive rally, the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert extravaganza planned for Oct. 30th. It’s not that I don’t consider these two an island of sanity amongst a sea of ridiculousness, but I feel that they pull attention simply by virtue of being on a cable channel. In some ways, they are part of the problem. If their rating dropped, you can bet they wouldn’t be allowed to continue. It’s a vote of confidence in a left-leaning mindset that their ratings are not dropping, but they also admit to not being news. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, etc. do claim to be objective but are beholden to the same ratings as the clowns.

We are left to further information by other means. Things like blogs and online sources. Talking to our friends and co-workers. Grass-roots is just that. It’s difficult remaining politically active and lead a normal life. But you can take solace in the fact that your viewpoint is popular. The rally on the mall on Saturday is proof of that. The media and the moneyed interests don’t like it, but progressives have the advantage of being in line with the majority of Americans. All the favorable news coverage and screeching on cable can’t do a thing about it.


8 Responses to “Funny, Fox Didn’t Mention This Rally”

  1. …… do you even know who made up the crowd this weekend? Apparently not…most Democrats don’t even align themselves with some of these fringe groups. Clearly you haven’t done your homework. Unions members were required to attend. MSNBC has been the voice for this freak show (Ec Schultz the MC)….and Obama of course approved of this parade of clowns. You forget that the Beck rally was not covered either…not even by Fox. MSNBC has been wall to wall trying to convince people this was something other than an utter embarassment…and poor Ed Shultz….perfectly inarticulate for that crowd. You also seem to miss everything that has happened in the past 2 years……your agenda has been and continues to be rejected…….an abject failure by any measure except yours of course …and your talking heads continue to drone on about obstruction from Repubs…when in fact you’ve never needed them to vote….you’ve got the numbers…shut up and vote….you’ve only needed them to say yes to provide this crackpot president and congress political cover so when his ideas they all have…you can say it was “bipartisan”. ..You and your president should grow a pair and take responsibilty for the mess you have made. You’ve lost the independants, but uneducated, grievance and entitlement masses (the democratic plantation inhabitants) will always vote for and agree with your agenda….they are too dumbed down and dependent to vote any other way. Yet here you sit on your blog…crowing about this weekend and your agenda as if the country has been asleep and not paying attention for the past 2 years. Its stunning..and not a little bit humorous how you offer up this tripe…….intellectual? Did you actually use that word regarding the moonbat agenda…..? Poor Ed Shultz is on MSNBC at this very moment….veins popping out of his neck trying to convince your ship of fools that all is well. Please keep thinking that…..But damn, please do a little research before posting…..its like reading talking points from some hack who’s watched only one episode of Hardball then decided he would simply regurgitate it on a blog without the least bit of forthought.

    • Well, it’s difficult to decide which of your ill-informed talking points to attack first. I appreciate you reading the blog, by the way. Ahem, now then:

      1) Becakpalooza wasn’t covered? Are you mad? It’s all the news media could talk about for a week beforehand. If it wasn’t that he “coincidentally” had it on the same day as MLK’s ‘I Have A Dream” anniversary, then it was for the distinct lack of color in the audience. Much in the same way the MSM conveniently ignored the massive pro-immigration rally on the same day as Tea Bag Your Neighbor day. If you missed it then you simply weren’t paying attention. Of course, you could be intentionally misleading people…

      2) Obama’s agenda has been rejected? I know the 19% of the population who think this seems like a lot, but it’s really because they just won’t shut up. you scream about taxes, yet yours have been lowered and at are at the lowest levels in 50 years. You scream about the bank bailouts, but it was Bush who put that one together. If you use the words “death panel” and “Obamacare” the ACA is not popular; however all of the proposals are extremely popular. And, just for fun, here’s a good look at what the reality of the situation is.

      Finally, I sincerely hope you hold onto your confidence and outrage through November. Dollars to donuts, you support some lunatic Teabagger. The problem is that you revamped John Birchers are far outside the mainstream. Just because reality doesn’t pierce your bubble doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. However, in the interest of fairness, since you’ve told us all about how worthless and doomed our agenda is, why don’t you spell out your own governing principles? Smaller government? Shutdowns? Spending cuts? Why is it Paul Ryan won’t even discuss his budget roadmap and has told other Republicans to do the same? Why have so many come out against the Contract For… I mean, Pledge to America?

      Keep drinking the kool-aid. I’ll be here waiting.

  2. houstonentrekin Says:

    Wow, it’s as if you watched one episode of the Ed Schultz comedy hour and then simply posted what he says (trying to to be just a little more “hip”). You are actually using Newsweek as a source? Are you serious? No really….Newsweek? The only conclusion that I can come to, based on your response, is that you have chosen to pay zero attention to the wealth of data that is available. Wait….Newsweek? Sorry…can’t seem to shake the fact that you actually cited Newsweek as a supporting source. As legimate polls begin to target “likely voters” as opposed to general public sample….the story become very ugly for this administration and it’s supporters. I’m not sure where you get the idea that I am a tea partier. Or is it that it that it’s the target du jour for the left. Anyone that does’t think like you must be a member of some fringe party huh? You’ve lost the independents (I am one) you will not get those back…Obama made a fool of them. They will not be fooled again and will punish this Admin this year and in 2012. Tea party candidates are not ready for prime time…so I don’t expect them to make a splash this election….but they will continue to grow in influence over the next years…2012 will be interesting. While they are certainly are unpolished, the message resonates. If you are going to host a blog, I’d get serious with the research…Newsweek as a source is laugable. Democrats face serious issues, even they admit to that. But as I said, here you sit disavowing it all in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Start with the unafilliated polling sources, dig into the numbers. Your party’s problem is not the tea party, its with your party’s seemingly total lack of understanding of how this country works, what its people want, what makes it great, how it develops jobs, how it should be taxed, and most of all, it’s already governed against the will of the people on several issues and now has proven itself to be cowardly by letting the session go by and not deciding on the tax cuts…..even when everyone understands (everyone with more than a 3rd grade education) that jobs are stalled to due to the uncertainly around Obama’s tax policy……does that sound like intellect to you? Tell me, does that sound like someone that has a grasp on this country? I’ll be here, on you blog November 3rd. I will have studied the numbers and watched it happen. The question is whether you will still be here posting the exact same rhetoric. Do the research man! You’re are seriously not paying attention

    • Weird, it’s like you and Michael are the same person! I applaud your ability to ignore any of the points I made and continued to cite your research and numbers. Remember, Karl Rove had the math too. You treat Newsweek polls like a CBO report: love it when it agrees with you, discount when it doesn’t

      Yep, Republicans will make some gains. People are pissed off. Your side left a pretty deep chasm when they relinquished power and Democrats haven’t completely fixed the mess yet. Republicans benefit electorally by default. But if you think their Teabagged governing agenda is what America wants or needs then I think you have a surprise coming. However, please feel free to come back with this “wealth of data” you have (or any link, really) and put your money where your mouth is.

      And… I’ll take Rachel Maddow over Ed any day.

  3. houstonentrekin Says:

    start here… and when done, I have plenty more…do your research!….The Pew Resaerch Center

    Don’t just gloss over them, go and research. And please, stop watching that angry dyke on CNBC…it will rot your brain 🙂

    Still, you are missing some keys points. The Democratic majority in congress did not just start with the Obama admin….its has been that way since the election of 06′. What you see when you dig into the reports has nothing to do with Bush…it has do with what has happened since….from the stimulus that did nothing but save government jobs and provide pork, to the general tone-deafness of the admin, the total lack of transparency after campaingning on that very point…..and I doubt you’ve seen the latest on that…….here’s a hint…”TARP-style banking bailout bill that somehow reached President Obama’s desk in the legislative rush before Congress adjourned for the midterm election break. This underscores everything the American people have learned about the culture of corruption over the last two years — sabotage of the deliberative process, circumventing of rules, backroom deals, and contempt for the will of the people.

    Oh, and I love the signs of “hate the corporations” as if they ar ethe enemy. Millions of Democrats are employed by those great companies and not a damn one of them is quitting …they gladly accept their paychecks every 2 weeks…..shitty little hypocrits….if these corps really had balls..they’d fire every person they can prove voted for Obama….every last one of them…ok…wishful thinking 🙂 Since these employees support policies and are actively working against the best interest of the company they work for.

    There is indeed a wealth of data there….dig in…its not pretty. All this is not just happening because of a few tea baggers, as you say. Many people have ended up being nothing more than footnotes in history by ignoring the people. I have plenty more when you’re done. I watch CNBC and I read the HuffPo, I watch Fox, listen to Rush at times, I read voting records, and I NEVER beleive anything that come out of any of thier mouths…..I check the data and records. Ever read the legislative agenda online? Scary as hell…..unless all a person wants is to be led by the nose like some dumbass by the government….you want that? Hopefully not.

    • Look, I’ve been pretty nice about letting you spew your garbage filled “research” here, in all its misspelled glory. However, I won’t abide slurs of any kind. Clean up your language or GTFO. I’m the only one who gets to curse.

      I suppose the irony of discrediting a poll from Newsweek while touting Rasmussen’s numbers will go completely over your head. Ras is a well known Republican hack, using shady “likely voter” screens and the like, showing radical outliers right up to election eve when their numbers magically revert back to normal. He’s also noted for pretty blatant push-polling and a barely concealed bias.

      Also, you can keep blaming Obama for TARP and saying the stimulus did nothing to save jobs all you like but reality simply doesn’t agree. There’s nothing in your cute Pew Research link to back up your assertion. Here, I’ll help you out: here, here, and here’s some evidence that not everyone who trashes the stimulus truly believes it is a failure. Because it isn’t. We would have 3.5 million less jobs right now if it hadn’t been passed, our infrastructure would still be being ignored, and Republicans would be whining even louder.

      And, if you’d like to talk about backroom deals, how about Republicans’ “America Speaking Out” initiative which resulted in a closed door meeting with lobbyists to write the language of their laughable Pledge? Remember the BP oil spill? Well, it seems Bush’s MMS department was so busy snorting coke and sleeping with lobbyists, they just let the industry write its own regulation. How did that work out? What about Cheney’s energy meeting to plan for the last eight years’ policy? Wanna tell me who was in that meeting because Cheney certainly won’t.

      And if you think returning to a Clinton-style governing strategy (which is what Obama appears to be doing), then please show me where the Clinton years were such a dismal failure compared to ANY Republican during the last 30. Oh, that’s right, you can’t because every single GOP president since 1980 has exploded the deficit and the debt and screwed the middle class. Keep talking about the calamity of Clinton era tax rates on the wealthy. You know that bleak period of budget surpluses?

      Like I said, you’re welcome to come back and make your case with facts rather than rhetoric (though it’s seeming less likely that it is possible with you) but so far, it’s pretty thin. You’ve managed to regurgitate talking points and tout a Rasmussen poll, but that’s about it. But remember, leave your slurs at home or you can meet the banhammer.

  4. houstonentrekin Says:

    I figured you’d go there. Cower behind mispelled words, etc…deflect, whine……if you’re unwilling or incapable of looking at data thats one thing…but don’t be a coward and then pretend outrage that someone would actually challenge you…that’s really immature. I’d rather you just be honest and just say you won’t do anything to educate yourself or that you can’t understand what you are reading. Need me to be spoon feed the data? Sorry junior, I’m not your mommy. Bush Cheney…yada yada yada……just butch up and take responsibility.

    You’ve been nice? Junior, I’m the one that’s been nice posting to your irrelevant blog in hopes of someone actually thinking you have the chops to host a blog where someone might dare to disagree with you. Oh, I see, you only want posts that agree with you as if somehow you’re educating the masses….lol…sorry pal, you don’t have the chops.. If you can’t handle opposition, perhaps you should take up sewing or something safer…..or take your blog private by subscription only so you can only allow only people in that agree with you….that’s safe. But don’t feign outrage and deflect due to spelling, that’s being a coward. Save your threats junior, banhammer me, I’ll still be here on Nov3rd…..and you’ll still be posting the same rhetoric….having ignored EVERYTHING for the past 2 years and leading up to the election…. deflecting, ducking and misleading. See you on November 3rd!

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