How Blue Is Dan Boren?

An interesting tidbit about Republican plans to turn the screws on Blue Dog Democrats to switch parties after the election.  This completely makes sense, especially if GOP gains fail to meet expectations. I’m sure some purists would be happy seeing them go;  they might as well be Republicans anyway. Evidently, Dan Boren is on their hit list and he certainly could be a Republican. I wonder if he’ll be able to resist the temptation to make OK an all red state (he’s the only Democrat).

On one hand, I see the reasons for cutting them loose. I think it narrows the ideological focus a little and helps to streamline it. Yet there’s a lot of worth in the phrase “more and better Democrats.” Giving up on these districts is, in a way, giving up entirely. Keep pushing the ‘more’ envelope, even if it means convincing Boren to show a spine. I’m inclined to believe he enjoys his position as an ‘independent’ Dem who votes with Republicans too much to give it up easily.

One thing is sure: if Republicans are making plans for less than a tsunami, then so should progressives.



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