Right Wing Priorities (Updated)

In addition to the numerous items on the new Republican House’s agenda that are all about have nothing to do with jobs, there were a couple unveiled this morning that really push the envelope.

Michele Bachmann, in her quest to become the most insane elected official in America, rolled out a plan to cut federal spending by $400 billion dollars by trimming some of the fat otherwise known as veteran’s disability benefits! Way to support the troops, Crazy Eyes!

Another fun proposal is the new, cleverly titled “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”. Of course, there are many restrictions on using federal funds for abortion as it is, but Republicans want to do much, much more. How much more? Well, currently, the Hyde Amendment allows exceptions for federal funding in the case of rape or incest. So, what to do to curtail choice even further? Redefine rape! Their proposal would allow funding only for “forcible rape” which would not include statutory rape or drugged rape. So, if your date slips you a Mickey and knocks you up after raping you, ladies… SORRY! What’s that you say? What if I have a private plan? Well, if the federal government is helping out with the cost, as the ACA will for millions of people, you can’t even use that. Goody.

Now, it should be noted that both of these proposals are most likely going nowhere and would surely incur a veto if they miraculously made it through the Senate. But it serves to illustrate just where the GOTea Party’s priorities lie. Obviously they could care less about jobs, but evidently they could also care less about wounded veterans and a majority of rape victims. This must be some more of that compassionate conservatism that everyone was so jazzed up about a few years ago.

Update: It’s no surprise, but here’s what actual veterans think about Bachmann’s plan.


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