Our True Leaders Convened

I’m not really one for conspiracy theories. Secret cabals of wealthy elites who meet in secret to determine the fate of nations and ensure the continuing subjugation of the working class, all without scrutiny or much public knowledge of their activities and protected in their entirety by private riot police? That sounds like something for Alex Jones’ minions to get worked up about, akin to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the grassy knoll! Right?


The truth is, it’s no conspiracy. In the wake of the Citizens United decision from the reliably corporate-leaning Roberts Supreme court, this is who holds sway over political power in this country: billionaire brothers who have no interest in anything other than undermining our president and enriching themselves out our expense. The only real mystery is what it will take for the average American to realize that this is our reality and to stand up against it.


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