Hey Barry: That Doesn’t Help

Oh Jeebus. For a president that I tend to defend against all sorts of baseless attacks, it’s really galling when he makes himself a target for legitimate criticism. I know, I know, ‘we’ already made the decision that the deficit is the most important problem facing the country and Alan Simpson can’t wait to get Grandma on the cat food. But maybe we could end the week with a story about how he’s pushing for an end to corporate tax loopholes? $125 billion a year for the next five years sure could provide for a lot of block grants and heating oil.

Alas, no. Instead, we get a president who’s trying to out-austere the austerity loons. His budget isn’t due out until next week and it’s already taking heat off the GOP for their “Republican Chainsaw Massacre“.  Fantastic bit of messaging guys. Why not just sign off on their chop job, convene the death panels and call it a day? Actually, Barry, since you want to tiptoe over to the Chamber of Commerce and beg them for stuff, maybe you could ask them to just lend us the cash. Lord knows they have it.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if the Left had a genuine, engaged, populist movement of its own. Oh, yeah, right.


One Response to “Hey Barry: That Doesn’t Help”

  1. […] that slashing support for the rest of us is the only possible solution. This is hot on the heels of Obama’s budget, due next week, which seems to take the ‘drown-government-in-a-bathtub’ crowd’s […]

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