Mubarak Is Out; Viva Democracy!


Mubarak is Out!!!

The Top Tweet from Egypt today

I usually try to steer clear from foreign policy, mostly because it’s not one of the areas that I typically feel informed enough to know what’s happening. However, given the wall-to-wall coverage of the struggle in Egypt over the past few weeks, it’s been tough not getting a sense of the situation (unless you’re a regular Glenn Beck watcher, that is). By every measure, the news that Hosni Mubarak, the 30 year autocratic ruler, is finally stepping down is a bright day for democracy and the people of Egypt.

And, in related news, it turns out Swiss banks are freezing Mubarak’s assets until such time as their provenance and rightful stewards can be determined. When a man who is worth an estimated $70 billion rules over a country where many don’t make more than $2 a day, something smells very fishy. One would hope that at least some of that cash can be used to help the Egyptian people make a smooth transition to popular rule.

Obviously, the next weeks and months will be crucial and there are no guarantees that the worst is not still to come. There’s still the issue of what a post-Mubarak government will look like, how the military will figure into the transition, what role Omar Suleiman and Mohamed ElBaradei will play, if any, etc., etc. For the moment, though, it would seem that the people-powered non-violence has prevailed in Egypt. By all accounts, the streets are absolutely electric at the news.

And with good reason. This is only the latest in a series of democracy movements roiling the region, from Tunisia to Syria. If the end of Mubarak’s reign means a burgeoning growth of true democracy in the Arab world, then that is not only a good thing for the people of that land but for the people of the entire globe.


2 Responses to “Mubarak Is Out; Viva Democracy!”

  1. I’m quite satisfied about everything that appeared in Egypt. At last, the tyranny of Hosni Mubarak has come to an end. And the whole thing occurred because of the braveness of the egyptians. I hope that the example will increase through all the Middle East. Liberation now! Peace.

    • We are seeing it happen, my friend. A wave is tearing across the region and no dictator is safe. Let there be peace and comfort to all those who have suffered thus far.

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