But I Thought You Spoke For The American People?

It’s hard to dismiss Republican shenanigans as tone deaf. I believe they have a very good idea of their strategy and it has nothing to do with their ignorance. How else do you explain this poll, which shows a majority of the American people are not in favor of denying funding to the new health care bill? The fact is, the GOP knows this and their only chance is to bleat from the hilltops how awful it is, what a “job-killer” it is, how it’s destroying the American way of life, how it’s socialism wrapped in a big, red bow. If they can’t kill it before even more people see its benefits they’re sunk.

And it was working. At least for the past two years. Hearing how detrimental it is tended to affect people’s opinions. But Republicans’ problem is that as more people find out what’s in the bill they like it more and more. Not that there’s nothing to criticize, of course, but smearing it across the board doesn’t work like it used to.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear Republican leadership talk about “siding with the American people”. It’s not the case with jobs and it’s certainly not the case with health care.


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