This Needs More Coverage

I haven’t highlighted it here, but I’ve been following the disturbing story of Shawna Forde, rogue Minutemen activist and now convicted murderer. C&L has done a terrific job covering the story and calling on the MSM to give it some airtime. That it hasn’t is a complete mystery; it has all the components that usually make for wall to wall coverage.

If you don’t know the whole sad saga, do yourself a favor and read up on it. It will give you little insight into the minds of the lunatic fringe who want to demonize, harass and ultimately do harm to Hispanics living in America. And it will probably break your heart.

Raul Junior and Bresinia Flores are still dead but hopefully Forde’s conviction can alleviate some of the pain and shine a  light on the Right-Wing nativist and extremist groups that still exist in this country.



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