Cutting Public Art in OK Isn’t Fiscally Responsible

On the local beat, the OK legislature is currently considering bills that would suspend or do away with the Percent for Public Art program in the state. This comes at a time when austerity is the word of the day and cuts to government spending are being made seemingly just for the hell of it as opposed to any sort of logical metric. Except here’s the thing about the Percent for Public Art act: its funds don’t affect the state’s finances. The art is paid for through a percentage of the construction cost. That means OK gets public art at literally NO COST TO THE STATE. So the argument that suspension or cuts are necessary in these tough economic times is really bullshit. Fallin just found an additional $100 million in revenue and is thankful she can cut taxes because of the growth rate trigger;  would she be happy with a program that not only has nothing to do with the shortfall but has the extra added bonus of potentially increasing the growth rate? It means she can cut more taxes!!!

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition is front and center on this issue and I know anything they support, I’m behind too. It’s pretty critical that Okies get on the horn to their state legislators soon because these bills are going before the chambers in the next couple of days. We need public art in OK. I would like something to look at on the highway besides Wal-Mart bags and Sonic cups.



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