Slashing the Public Sector? What Could Go Wrong?

In another example of union-busting disguised as fiscal austerity, Providence, RI has fired every single one of its teachers. It should be noted that not all will ultimately lose their jobs, but the mayor says he want “flexibility” in who he can hire back. In related cost-cutting news, Philadelphia’s cuts tot he fire department in the form of “rolling brownouts” may possibly have cost the lives of two children when a recently shuttered fire station couldn’t respond to a fire.

See, in Tea Bagger (or simply Republican) fantasy land, fiscal responsibility means gutting things like the fundamental right to form a union and fire protection. I mean, what have those greedy teachers and firefighters ever done for us? What’s that you say? Perhaps a small tax increase on the wealthiest members of society to plug some these budget holes? Well, obviously you just don’t understand sacrifice, you communist.



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