Sunday Quick Links

So, another lazy Sunday is here. I, however, am buried up to my eyeballs in computing nonsense. But I’m sure I’ll take it easy regardless! In the meantime, here’s some stuff worth checking out:

  • Giant corporations really don’t pay very much in income tax. How patriotic of them.
  • The pro-union rallies in Madison, WI just keep growing, even in heavy snow. In related news, Wacky Teabag Governor Paul LePage of Maine has decided to enter the fray.
  • Robovie PC was the winner of the world’s first robot marathon in Osaka, Japan. His winning time was 54 hours, 57 minutes and 50.26 seconds.
  • The space shuttle Discovery lifted off from Cape Canaveral, FL in its last flight ever. It marks the beginning of the end of the shuttle era for NASA.
  • A fatal five-alarm fire in Brooklyn last Saturday was ignited by candles arrayed around a bed for a voodoo sex ceremony.
  • Researchers at the University of Michigan have built the world’s smallest computer. It’s no bigger than the ‘N’ on a penny.

Heard about anything else crazy and exciting this week?


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