Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees

The GOP seems to think that attacking (guess we’ve forgotten all about violent attacks on congress people, eh?)  and weakening unions will pay electoral dividends at some point. They may very well have a point, once every single manufacturing job has been squeezed out of this country and all the service work is too fluid to unionize. But that point is a long way off. In the near term, it’s more likely that Republicans, as per usual, are shooting themselves in the foot. The Democratic party has been on the side of unions since FDR and I think they have a pretty good memory. Not to mention that Teabaggers like Scott Walker appear to be completely tone-deaf.

The long-term issue is problematic too because as there is a foreseeable wane in union influence, there is also a corresponding loss for the Tea Party base: middle to lower class Caucasians. Even if the losses stemming from decreased unionization were to materialize, they would be more than offset by gains in minority constituencies. It’s not like conservatives have been doing much to court Hispanics lately.

So, the current wave of anti-union fervor might result in some increased enthusiasm among their base, but Republicans are going to have a problem on their hands at some point: whether from a backlash to the union busting in the near-term or the disenfranchisement of minorities in the long term. Who knew watching a party self-destruct could be so entertaining?


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