The March of Progress is Paved with Styrofoam

You’ve got to hand it to the conservative nutjob caucus in DC. They stick by their principles, no matter which way the political winds blow! Unfortunately for the reality-based community, their principles are diametrically opposed to the goodwill and survival of our species. Think I’m joking? Well, why else would the GOP revert back to styrofoam and plastic cutlery in the house cafeteria over the more environmentally friendly, bio-degradable stuff being used up until now? Because saving a few measly bucks is preferable to making sure styrofoam doesn’t end up in landfills for eons.

And, it’s a double whammy. Not only do they get to pat themselves on the back for sticking to their fiscal guns (first patented Jan. 19th, 2009), they also get to point at how utterly ridiculous that San Fransicko liberal tree hugger Nancy Pelosi was when she was steering the ship. I mean, composting doesn’t even sound like an American word!

I would make some sort of connection to Koch Industries ownership of Dixie Cups but that would just be silly, right?


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