Too Good to Be True

A NYT article today is buzzing around the political world: is Fox News considering dropping Glenn Beck when his contract is up in December? The article cites anonymous Fox insiders and speculates that the network is considering life after Beck.

Well, while that would seem to be welcome news for the sanity loving community, I’m not so sure about it. Despite the fact that Beck has become increasingly unhinged in his analysis of the Middle East uprisings, he has weathered plenty of criticism before. Nary a peep was heard after a potential mass-murderer all but implicated Beck when he was arrested on his way to shoot up the Tides foundation. If that sort of accusation doesn’t force Fox to rethink its partnership, then practically nothing will. Doomsday scenarios, after all, are good for ratings (even though Becks’ seem to be dropping).

Additionally, I’m not convinced we want Beck silenced. After all, this is an insanity that is protected and abetted by Roger Ailes, the twisted brains behind Fox News. If the channel were to drop Beck, that might make people think they have some semblance of conscience or objectivity. I’m more interested in keeping the spotlight on what is no more than a propaganda arm. The best way to do that is to keep it in the news with increasingly ludicrous rants from Beck. The more people see what Fox represents the better.


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