Yes, It’s Exactly Like Killing Bunnies

This is a new ad put out by the American Life League, an anti-abortion group currently jumping on the ‘de-fund Planned Parenthood’ bandwagon. Setting aside the ridiculousness of ad itself (yes, we all want to put cute bunnies in blenders!), this group would love to have the general public believe that PP is just a big ol’ abortion mill, with scalpels at the ready 24/7. Who knows, perhaps they even believe it themselves?

The truth, for anyone who cares, is that abortion services amount to 3% of PP’s budget. The other 97% goes to things like contraceptive services,  STI/STD testing and treatment and cancer screening and prevention (including Pap tests, HPV vaccinations, and breast exams). That must be why they’re still popular, even after all the demonizing. Here’s a link to their numbers in a handy PDF sheet, just in case one of your insane relatives starts talking about how they’re blending bunnies down at the women’s clinic.


2 Responses to “Yes, It’s Exactly Like Killing Bunnies”

  1. You are so easily manipulated by Planned Parenthood! They love to pretend abortion is a tiny part of their business but the conducted over 320,000 last year alone.

    Look at their fact sheet and you will find that 97% of all services to PREGNANT women are abortions.

    So yes, 97% of their services are preventive—of live births.

    • Math isn’t your strong suit, eh?

      324,000 abortion procedures out of 10.9 million services provided, with the vast majority being contraception and STD testing.

      Lastly, I know it is going to be a shock but abortion is legal. Sorry.

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