Parsing the Word ‘Terrorism’

A perfect example of the myopic and dangerous views of terrorism held by demagogues like Peter King. To him, terrorism doesn’t mean using violence to instill fear and chaos in a population. Rather it means brown people are scary. His hearings, a farce of McCarthy-esque proportions, are designed to look into radicalized Muslim groups simply because he and his ilk don’t understand and are afraid of those different from him. His witch hunt is so laughably one-sided, he’s now reduced to defending his support of the IRA on the grounds that they’re not American.

Could these two years be over any sooner?


2 Responses to “Parsing the Word ‘Terrorism’”

  1. I cannot fathom what these hearings are supposed to accomplish. Why is this not a hearing on “Radicalism” in all forms. Radical behavior whether it is John Loughner, a mafia don or a mentally brainwashed person claiming religious ties, is what causes problems. Why are Muslims being singled out like the religion is facilitating violence and extremism.

    • It’s scapegoating, plain and simple. King stood up and defended the IRA and only disassociated himself when the group began to shift leftward. The whole time they were bombing London, he was on board. This country really needs to educate itself so that shameless pandering and fear-mongering like King’s doesn’t work so easily.

      Thanks for reading!

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