Jim Inhofe, Ignorant as Ever

I’ve never been been one to confuse Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) with an intellectual. His one-man mission to disprove climate change by simply refusing to acknowledge it is the very definition of willful ignorance. But his recent comments on rising oil prices cross the line from his usual lack of critical thinking right into jaw-droppingly stupid:

“A lot of people are saying that the gas prices that are going up are a result, partially, of what’s happening over there. That isn’t the real problem,” said Republican Senator James Inhofe, his party’s senior member on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and a climate change skeptic.

Inhofe said that “the real problem” was President Barack Obama’s efforts to enact a cap-and-trade plan to curb emissions of greenhouse gases blamed by scientists for global warming.

Wow. Just to be clear, revolutionary tension in a region of the world that controls a huge chunk of oil resources and refining capability¬† isn’t as big a factor in oil prices as a bill that hasn’t been passed, isn’t law, has no likelihood of either anytime soon, and isn’t really anything more than a “goal” of the Obama administration, as Inhofe puts it. As Steve Benen points out:

Keep in mind, Inhofe isn’t just a strange guy on Fox News or right-wing talk radio; he’s the leading Republican senator on the Committee on Environment and Public Works. If the GOP takes back the majority next year, he’ll be chairman.

I didn’t think it was possible to make Tom Coburn look like the thoughtful, reasoned member of OK’s senatorial delegation but then Jim Inhofe went and opened his mouth. Again.



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