They Call This ‘Serious About the Deficit’

In case you’ve been too busy following the dramatic goings-on in WI over the state supreme court election (something smells rotten in the Cheese State), there’s also been lots of action in DC. One party is trying to make sure the government continues to function and provides services for millions of people and the other is giddy at the idea military personnel won’t get their paychecks. Guess which is which.

Apparently, the main sticking points have so little to do with the Most Important Issue of Our Time™ (i.e. the budget deficit for some reason) it’s laughable. I’m not sure anyone  other than the most fervent Tea Baggers and this guy understand why taking rights away from women and gutting the EPA’s ability to keep our air clean is going to make us prosperous again. But here we are. Negotiations have been ongoing since early this week with no solution in sight. As of this morning, there was still hope that a shutdown might be averted, even as furlough notices were going out. But Boehner and his rabid caucus are refusing to budge and so we’re practically back to square one. It’s like a slow motion bad dream that seems too ridiculous to be true.

Then you wake up and Paul Ryan is handing you his budget proposal.


6 Responses to “They Call This ‘Serious About the Deficit’”

  1. The deficit is a huge issue, and its one that these guys aren’t even really addressing. They are too busy fighting each other about pet programs to see the big picture. Peter Orszag (former Director of the Office of Management and Budget- gave a speech in 2009 and said that the deficit spending was “unsustainable”. How is it then that we’re two years away from that point and still worrying more about pet projects than the future of our children? Wake up!

    • Exactly. All anyone is talking about is cutting spending. Republicans won’t even consider things like rescinding the Bush Tax Cuts or reducing military spending, i.e. the only things that will actually make a difference in the deficit. No, instead, we’re at a stalemate over ideological issues. Wealth disparity lies at the heart of our economic problems but no one, partially Obama and the Democrats but mostly the Republicans and the Tea Party, wants to truly address it.

      By the way, why was the deficit not a problem when Bush was running up the largest one in history?

  2. Thanks to the Rush Limbaugh wannabees this stuff is usually taken at face value.

  3. Are you for real? Hell yes you are, this should be a headline. with your permission, I will make that happen.

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