So, What’s Happening with the Budget?

An excellent post and thorough explanation in the comments over at Political Wire about how the deal reached by Boehner and the Baggers is actually more in favor of Obama (and, by extension, the liberal base) and their priorities then it initially seemed. The Right may be crowing about a victory but it seems Mssr’s Ryan, Cantor and Boehner aren’t as bright or crafty as they believe. As is mentioned, the precedent for executive control over spending is interesting to say the least but overall the president has consistently proved he’s more savvy than many on the left, myself included, often give him credit for.

Others have mentioned the shoddy reporting on what President Obama will actually lay out tomorrow night concerning the next fiscal year. After learning a little bit about how John Boehner evidently got taken for a ride, I’m mildly more optimistic than I was before. Now, if we could just get the Mostly Useless Media™ to give Rep. Gijalva and the House Progressive Caucus’ proposal a fair hearing, we’d be in pretty good shape moving forward.


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