Imagine That, A Republican Hypocrite

Yes, when two wars, tax cuts for millionaires and an unfunded Medicare drug program are the priorities, deficits don’t matter. However when aid for the poor, women and minorities to get food, education and health care are the focus, then it’s time for austerity. Could they be any more shameless or transparent? Jonathon Chait nails it:

“Of course, Ryan now takes an extremely dire view of thing government’s long-term fiscal position, as opposed to the wildly optimistic view he took under Bush. I’m sure events have played a role here. But there’s also a clear partisan tint. Republicans dismissed any concerns about the debt under Bush, which allowed their side to freely push fiscal policy in their direction and boost their own popularity by avoiding difficult trade-offs. As soon as Obama took office, they reversed themselves and successfully made fiscal conservatism a powerful constraining force on Obama’s agenda.”

Why anyone, especially anyone in the dwindling middle-class, takes these loons seriously is beyond me.


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