The Onion or Oklahoma?

It’s getting harder and harder to tell  the difference.

Ironically, Sally Kern’s subtly racist argument is precisely the reason why Affirmative Action is a necessity; ingrained bigotry such as Kern and Osborn’s will ensure unequal treatment for minorities if the playing field is “leveled” because they discriminate with abandon. Witness the intellectual prowess of the women who considers homosexuals a bigger threat than radical terrorism:

“We have a high percentage of blacks in prison, and that’s tragic,” Kern said, “but are they in prison just because they are black or because they don’t want to study as hard in school?

“I’ve taught school,” she added, “and I saw a lot of people of color who didn’t study hard because they said the government would take care of them.”

I can’t wait for the first southern politician to just come right out and say what’s really on their mind: ‘niggers are lazy’.


6 Responses to “The Onion or Oklahoma?”

  1. You might not like it or the woman bearing the news, but she’s right as far as she went. Liberals have built up a race-based cult of entitlement and Blacks are the primary subscribers to- and victims of it.

    Affirmative Action, or at least what it was perverted into, is part and parcel to that problem. It holds minorities to a lower standard of excellence and leaves everyone wondering if they’re competent or not, which just empowers later actually bigotry.

    • So your solution is to do away with AA and let institutions of learning, employers,et al discriminate at will? Just what percentage of minority populations even get to benefit from AA programs? It’s not as if black people get a free pass just because they’re black. Here’s some widely-held myths regarding AA that you might benefit from reading: it’s from the 90s but the arguments hold today

      I think you’re trying to say that AA empowers this sort of systemic racism but you have it exactly backwards. The systemic racism is what AA is meant to (and effectively does) combat.

    • Yes, I’d scrap AA in a heartbeat because it’s racist and does no societal good.

      You assume that racism – I assume you mean White racism only – is right there, held in check only be these laws and programs. Get over it; you’re living in the past.

      But, believe as you wish. I’m wise enough not to spend much effort trying to change the mind of a true believer.

      • Contrary to your assertion, I’m quite open-minded when it comes to fact-based reasoning. However, it’s pretty clear that without some sort of Affirmative Action, discrimination would be commonplace and tacitly encouraged. It’s also clear that AA has put a dent in systemic discrimination, though by no means has it eradicated it. I don’t believe I ever asserted that in any way.

        Get over it; you’re living in the past.

        Ahem: I don’t think I am
        Here’s another fun finding.

        The point is that racism still very much exists in this country and there are those who would seek to take us backwards by decades (see Paul, Rand) in terms of equality. In effect, your response to the millions of minorities, black and others, who still have the highest numbers of poverty and joblessness, less access to good food and school, higher rates of incarceration and lower average pay is “get over it”.

        I would applaud and welcome a time when AA is no longer needed. It’s fairly obvious that we are not even close.

      • If AA and the other various entitlement programs actually created a level playing field I’d agree with you. They don’t though.

        These programs are instead just a way of lowering the bar for minorities and providing subsistence and tacit enslavement through dependency, sort of like what Britain tried in China with the opium trade in the 19th century.

        We have laws to deal with discrimination. We don’t need what AA turned into.

        As for these “destitute” minorities – by and large my response is not even as soft as what you ascribe to me.

        I live among Blacks. My neighborhood is one of the oldest and largest Black communities in America. I daily see how they choose to live.

        Yes, choose! We have thugs and hoochies who just need to die quietly before they do any further harm and we have some of the finest damn people in America – And they’re all Black and mostly all from the “hood” from birth; they just made different choices.

      • Do you have proof of your assertion that AA hasn’t helped level the field? Even one under-served minority getting an opportunity they would not have had otherwise counts as a success to me. And obviously those numbers are much higher than one.

        “I live among Blacks. My neighborhood is one of the oldest and largest Black communities in America. I daily see how they choose to live.”

        Or, in other words: “I have black friends! I can’t be racist!” I don’t think you consider yourself racist and I don’t want to assume it but you have to hear how that sounds…

        The point is, the situation you describe is the same no matter what the race. Just because your anecdotal observation says it is the black community doesn’t mean it’s only the black community where a sizable portion are ignorant chowderheads. And it doesn’t do anything to dispel the facts of pay discrimination, unequal incarceration rates, etc. Your argument still boils down to “if only black people would work harder, then they’d be fine.” That’s simply not the case and smacks of superiority.

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