Did We Finally Awaken Badgers?

In case you forgot that cheese curds can be good for you, the good news is that all 6 recall petitions for the Dems in WI were approved. What’s more  uncertain is the attempt by Republicans to recall three Democratic state senators. Even if the Wisconsin GOP is successful, that’s still an overall win for labor. Remember that these are not statewide races so the shenanigans in the recent Supreme Court election shouldn’t come into play. Though it has fallen from the national radar, the fight in WI is still important to the country.

Thankfully, the over-reach from radicals and criminals is not going over well.  If we can help the public stay engaged through next year, this really may be the change we were waiting for.


2 Responses to “Did We Finally Awaken Badgers?”

  1. The working people of this country are finally waking up – the thought of losing SS and Medicare may scare the apathetic into voting. You are doing good work here, and I certainly like the layout of you blog.

  2. Shelly Peterson Says:

    You have so nailed the head of the point!!!! Thankyou!!

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