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It Stands to Reason We’d Get the Bill Wrong Too

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It’s much, much worse than we thought. Keep in mind, the $4 Trillion long-term number is also leaving out such important metrics such as:

  • Future payments for interest on the debt from 2011 forward.
  • Unfunded costs that American[s] paid to care for their war wounded family member[s] (one in five of the cases of serious wounding has this effect).
  • The costs of the CIA Predator and Reaper drone surveillance and strike program in Afghanistan. This “black” budget item, which included the costs of the drones, the operators, fuel, and weapons, is not known publicly.
  • The promised money, yet to be paid, for reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq.

…along with some other important items. Here’s the entire report [PDF] written by Neta C. Crawford and Catherine Lutz. It’s a pretty sorry state of affairs all around. Given the low-ball estimates when we began this great colonial adventure compared to what this report outines, there’s every reason to believe that the numbers only get bleaker from here.


Tax Cuts Debunked with a Single Image

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Daddy Bush called it Voodoo!


How are serious people still convinced tax cuts do a damn bit of good? 60 years of evidence proves you wrong, meatheads.

When Doing Nothing Makes Sense

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Yesterday, Eric Cantor had a tantrum and stormed out of the budget talks between himself, Boehner and Obama that have been ongoing for weeks. Today, we get a look at why: he simply couldn’t bear to live in a world where we didn’t give corporate jets favored tax status. It’s been known for a long time that the GOP is holding the country’s economy hostage over the Most Pressing Issue Of Our Time™, the deficit. Of course, the reason Eric ran off in a huff is that the right is absolutely opposed to anything and everything that could even remotely be considered a tax increase. Never mind that raising revenue is the only way to reduce the deficit. Setting aside the utter hypocrisy of the GOP on this issue, let’s assume for a moment that running a balance the red is our biggest challenge at the moment. At the very least, the Republicans would be correct in thinking that we simply have to do something quickly, right? Well…

The numbers don't lie...

…not exactly. It turns out, if we let the Bush tax cuts expire (as they were designed to do last Fall, before the extension was passed), then that’s it. The deficit simply goes away because of the increased revenue. Keep in mind, that this would mean a return to Clinton-era tax rates for the whole country, wealthy and worker. I seem to recall things were pretty good during the 90s but perhaps I’m misrembering…

In any event, Boehner & Co. think they have a winning strategy, pushing the US right up to the deadline of our debt limit and threatening a default. This would be catastrophic and they know it, therefore, they aren’t serious about any of this. But if the Kabuki play continues and we let the preening egos prance without actually touching anything, then maybe we might see the GOP’s worst nightmare for 2012: a recovering economy.

What the Country Thinks of Republican Leadership

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I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Third Way‘s approach most of the time, but this chart nails it:

How GOP Governors Fare

TPM’s Roundup

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A great roundup from Josh Marshall & Co.

Why Do They Hate Working People?

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I never in my life thought I’d live to see the day when lawmakers were as blatant about their contempt for working people as this.  Ohio is obviously not alone in the list of states facing a full out assault from an increasingly radical and unpopular GOP. What’s really interesting is that halfway through 2011 and with a Republican presidential primary just heating up, right-wing state legislatures show no sign of abating.

If this is what Republicans think the voters care about, gutting the minimum wage and attacking teachers for their pensions, then the choice couldn’t be more clear. If weren’t lucky enough to be born a millionaire and have to work for a living, why on earth would you associate yourself with a party that so obviously hates you?