Why Do They Hate Working People?

I never in my life thought I’d live to see the day when lawmakers were as blatant about their contempt for working people as this.  Ohio is obviously not alone in the list of states facing a full out assault from an increasingly radical and unpopular GOP. What’s really interesting is that halfway through 2011 and with a Republican presidential primary just heating up, right-wing state legislatures show no sign of abating.

If this is what Republicans think the voters care about, gutting the minimum wage and attacking teachers for their pensions, then the choice couldn’t be more clear. If weren’t lucky enough to be born a millionaire and have to work for a living, why on earth would you associate yourself with a party that so obviously hates you?


One Response to “Why Do They Hate Working People?”

  1. Shelly Peterson Says:

    The point is , is that the GOP are bought and paid for , Koch and all of their ilke…and it is Global…why does anyone think Greece is in it’s situation, Spain,..not in the news, etc…..this is Globel genocide for the a few Corporations….and I hear the “Klunk, klunk, klunk of their boots!!”….and the USA is being systematically picked off State by State!!!!…..We all must do everything possably to keep the freespeech we have and make it available to all in every medium there is….the fact America has to pay for TV, should scare the WHOLE WORLD!!!

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