An Update For My Readers

I will be talking with Fred and Jed about art and politics today in about an hour on their call in radio show. Don’t forget to listen LIVE at 5:30 CST.


3 Responses to “An Update For My Readers”

  1. Diane O Says:

    The Republicans are on the mark about not raising taxes. We have a spending problem and we need to cut our spending across the board. If we raise the debt ceiling we are in essence taking out a third perhaps a fourth mortgage and we don’t have the means to pay it back. Every dollar we spend we borrow $.42. Every man and woman in our country who budgets their monthly expenditures understands exactly what is at stake here. We also know that if the debt ceiling isn’t raised checks will still go out as usual until such time that we can engage in common sense, fiscal responsibility mentalities instead of pandering to President Obama’s constant campaign mode. He screwed up the recession by tampering with it when all he had to do was address our small businesses. The problem Obama faces now and the question we must continue to ask is: Why did you blatantly ignore our small businesses? For 2 1/2 years you’ve ignored the simple remedy to turning the recession around. You snubbed The Chamber of Commerce at the Job Summit by not inviting them and now everything you have done (at an enormous cost to the taxpayers )has failed. 2012 cannot get here soon enough! Incompetence and Inexperience in Washington DC has set our country back another five years. At least Jimmy Carter has a reason to smile.

    • Taxes are at the lowest point in 50-60 years. Any sane person recognizes that both spending and revenue have to be addressed. However, to suggest that we will be able to get the budget under control by spending cuts alone simply isn’t serious. Additionally, Obama made tax cuts a huge part of the stimulus, including to small business. The latest budget deal calls for a payroll tax holiday, which the GOP wants no part of. The ACA will save businesses billions of dollars and will reduce the deficit according to the CBO and Republicans want to repeal it, which will explode the deficit.

      Sorry, Diane, but facts simply don’t agree with your assertions. You’re railing against your own self interest. I hope, for your sake, you wake up.

  2. I just wonder – weren’t the Bush tax cuts called temporary? The country was in the black thanks to the Clinton years – now that we are no lnoger doing well, shouldn’t those tax breaks stop? If not – WHY?

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