What If They Accidentally Polled the Truth?

Well, it’s happened. A new CBS News/New York Times poll found that nearly 7 in 10 Americans think the GOP supports the wealthy. That’s compared to only 2% who think they care about the poor.

I know, I know, shocking, right? I’m going to assume the very best of my readers when I say that all of you are probably saying “DUH!” right about now. Unfortunately, good sirs and madams, we’re not the norm. Indeed, the most shocking part of that result is that so many people in this country actually get it.  Despite the corporate media churning out pabulum masquerading as journalism, despite well-paid propagandists manufacturing anger and sowing hatred, despite a major political party being fully consumed by mendacity and willful ignorance… 70% of the country can see through the bullshit!

Personally, I’m pleasantly surprised. Who knew the truth could be so stubborn?


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