If You Need it Explained…

…then  here you go! From the magnificent Story of Stuff website:


2 Responses to “If You Need it Explained…”

  1. I get it know, I went and spent Saturday night downtown in front of city hall with the occupiers and asking why are we doing this? I received some vague abstracts, but after viewing this short video I now know we are trying to get a Constitutional amendment to take back our democracy from corporations who have stolen it with their crafty five member of the supreme court saying that corporations basically have the same rights as an individual citizen.
    Somewhere between one in the morning and five thirty that morning I talked to two young gentleman who are Buffalo Occupiers, John and Tim separately and they each told me the first step is to educate and make the rest of the 99% aware of what is going on.
    Corporations and their maximum profit no matter what, business practices must be halted by creating a Constitutional Amendment that denies corporations any right to classify themselves as a person. Campaign contributions by the hundreds of millions by these corporations to drown out real people so that corporate friendly legislators can be put in position to help corporations with their maximum profit and unbridled greed.

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