Geoffrey was born in Oklahoma in 1978. He was introduced to art at a young age by his father, a professional cartoonist and illustrator and Vietnam vet. Growing up in a family with a disabled veteran gave him an interest in the nature of sacrifice and violence and would greatly influence his art practice. He attended the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute in 1997, where he would later serve as PR Assistant and Drawing/Painting Liason. In 2006, he completed his BFA in Painting and Printmaking at the University of Oklahoma and received his MFA in Visual Studies in 2010 from the State University of New York – Buffalo. He currently resides in Oklahoma City, OK and teaches art at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.
Geoffrey’s work has been shown in numerous galleries and locations throughout the world. Most recently, he was included in the 6th Annual Human Rights Exhibition at South Texas College, Hawks & Doves at the Shoe Factory in Rochester, NY and Beacons: An Exhibition of Luminous Art at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, MI. Past performances have taken place in Oklahoma City, Buffalo, Toronto, and Berlin. Geoffrey’s work has also been featured in Art Threat magazine and in Buffalo Rising.
“My work is an exploration of the mythology of spirituality, the politics of aesthetics, and the connections between sacred and profane. For me, a necessary function of art is to examine the overlap of these two realms, the space of actual experience. We live in an era in which reproduction and simultaneity define our world. I want to re-interpret this collective visual language in hopes of finding parallels between disparate iconography. My goal is to challenge belief structures and create a dialog about the perception of life and death in contemporary society.”

You can see Geoff’s website here.


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