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Help Ron Wyden Stop SOPA and Protect IP

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There’s no two ways about it: these laws are terrible. Taken together, the bills would allow the government to blacklist and shut down any website even thought to contain copyrighted content and it would allow criminal action against those who host such content, even unknowingly. How bad is it? Bad enough for Google, Apple and Yahoo to oppose, for one. Even the New York Times and LA Times newspapers have come out against them.

Luckily, it appears that a campaign to stop the bills seems to be having an effect. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) has led the charge against these intrusions into online privacy but he still needs your help:

“The other side, all of these lobbies, the content industry, is enormously powerful… They’ve spent hundreds of millions over the last few years in politics. They are very, very connected.”


“[This lobby] has a history of making statements that are anti-innovation. It was not long ago when the motion picture industry said in a widely-viewed public forum that the VCR was to the movie industry what the Boston strangler was to women home alone. So, we’re up to a very savvy, very well financed lobby, and suffice it to say, these kinds of issues are a bit technical until people see what’s really at stake, which is a free and fair Internet.”

How can you help? For starters, go to or and sign a petition. Then, you can head over to to find your senators’ and representatives’ contact information. Give them a call, write them a letter or (least effectively) shoot them an e-mail. Let them know that you’re opposed to censorship of the internet.

This is a pretty crucial issue for all of us who not only use the internet but create content too. Help stop SOPA and PIPA!




Happy Black Friday!

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Here’s Occupy OKC mic-checking Wal-Mart. Evidently, even though they were peaceably leaving the premises, Del City police decided that they were enough of a “threat” to start tackling and arresting. If you listen closely, you can hear on of the officers say, “get on the ground or get tased!”

Tased. For yelling in a Wal-Mart and then leaving when asked.

Remember, this is the message:

Big Government is Bad, Right?

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An interesting catch over at digby’s blog: did you know that Alabama has its own Dept. of Homeland Security? Not just a couple of officers, mind you, but a cabinet level agency on top of their state and local police forces, FBI offices, and Federal DHS offices. As digby notes, it’s not surprising that everyone went a little nuts in 2001, creating an entirely new government bureaucracy from whole cloth (with a 2010 budget of nearly $100 billion, by the by) but the extent to which this federal system was mimicked by the  states is staggering. As this WaPo special report lays out, this is a very lucrative and extremely comprehensive network that essentially does the work that the federal agency already does and still manages to find very little to do.

What’s even more striking is how little attention this receives and how it explains things like this:

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It’s Easy to Understand.

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Hell, even Calvin gets it.

The Occupy movement has been tough to pin down for a corporate media drunk on its own self-worth and slowly going the way of the dinosaur. They treat it as if it’s rowdy kids climbing the counter and pulling down cookies as opposed to a true populist uprising. That is, when they don’t scoff outright.

On the bright side, opinion seems to be shifting. Here’s Melissa Francis explaining to Joe Scarborough what he clearly doesn’t take seriously. That’s great, and I applaud Francis and any other outlet willing to actually talk about OWS and why they’re so mad. The big focus so far has been on why they don’t have any demands in sound-bite form. I don’t seem to remember the Tea Party discussing the finer details of “Take My Country Back” but I digress.

The point is that even as the media is shaking off the dust, the powers that be are not sleeping at all. In fact, they seem to be scared shitless of the power that the masses hold. That means that what we’re doing is working.

Keep pushing. Keep standing your ground. History is on our side.


The Time Is NOW!

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There’s just SO much to be said about SO much that is going on right now; SO much injustice, I don’t even know where to begin. At Loud Mouth Liberal I cover SO many things, minimally, in a day, this is going to be a bit new for me. Although it does present a challenge with SO much information to make sure things get as much coverage as they should. This will be a better platform for that purpose, for sure. I am flattered, excited, and a bit overwhelmed to be here. I can only hope I do Rottenart justice.

 So, what’s relevant? SO much.

The biggest thing going right now, which deserves more coverage, is the occupation of Wall Street. Finally, the media is beginning to talk about it. Though it did take about 4 days before the first mention, by Michael Moore, even for networks such as MSNBC. I was very disappointed by the lack of coverage in the first days, as I’m sure, were the rest of us, the 99%. And, honestly, it still lacks the support from the media the story deserves. But I digress.

So, here we are. The movement has begun. Cities all over the WORLD are organizing!! And that is not an overstatement. I’m stoked!! Locally, which is Oklahoma City for me, the first Action Committee Meeting is this evening. The second General Assembly Meeting is Friday. And the Occupation of OKC is scheduled to commence on the 15th of this month, last I heard. There are also occupations planned for Tulsa and Stillwater. Not too shabby for a state as RED as this one!! Though, I really believe this goes much further than party lines.

Personally, I would LOVE to be able to take a trip to Wall Street but that’s really not an option. I’m sure many, many people would love to do the same. There are things you can do, if you’re hell-bent on going; Carpools and such. But, if you, like I, just can NOT make it there, Make it SOMEWHERE!! Occupy Together has information about occupations going on EVERYWHERE!! [ed. note: You can also donate food, sleeping bags, etc., here]

If not now, when?

Hello? Is this thing on?

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Wow! It seems like I’ve been gone for a year or two, right? I apologize to all my regular readers (all three of you) for dropping the ball the past few months. Between traveling to China and moving all over this damn state, I think things are finally back to normal. Well, as normal as they’re ever going to be anyway.

In other exciting news, I’m pleased to announce a new addition to the rowdy ranters here at Rottenart: Loud Mouth Liberal! She’s been setting FB on fire with her stuff so I thought it might be a good idea to bring her into the fold before she becomes the competition. She’ll be adding stuff from here on out but it might take a little while to work out the logistics, so just bear with us.

In the meantime, sit back, grab a coffee and a paper, and bide your time before ol’ Rottenart is back to full speed!


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