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I Forgot About Him (and Him)!

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It turns out Glenn Beck is still saying things for money! He’s not on TV anymore and his cash-for-gold scam is being charged with fraud, but that doesn’t stop this stalwart warrior. No, he’s speaking out, letting us know that even though he trusts no one, he’s really, really good friends with Rick Santorum. In fact, Santorum is pretty much the next George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and probably Phyllis Schlafly all rolled up together. I guess that explains why Rick’s kids wear colonial clothing?

Anyway, is anyone else surprised that Glenn Beck is still saying things?


How Many Can the Clown Car Hold?

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Evidently, there’s still room in the GOP primary for the Koran-roasting sideburns vote!

999: Not Just an Amazing Band!

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This has been making the rounds the past couple of days so I thought I’d give my dear readers a chance to be super with it! Given that Herman Cain was called out on Tuesday by pretty much everyone for his ridiculous tax plan (one which Rick Perry is now trying to top), this might be a little bit of piling on but when have I ever worried about offending?

Want to know exactly what Herman Cain’s 999 tax plan means for America? Check out an awesome graphic chart after the jump! You might even start to believe in homicide!

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Beyond Belief

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In watching Newt Gingrich’s behavior over the past couple of days, I’m reminded of this bit from Eddie Izzard:

I didn’t think anyone could be more entertaining than The Donald, but here we are.

President of Reality Television?

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Mike Huckabee, explaining why no one should take him seriously.

Obama’s Not The One Offering Unicorns and Rainbows

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Well, the Republicans finally got their resident budget wunderkind to come up with something to show us. The jockeying over continuing resolutions is ongoing, thought perhaps not past Friday and I’m sure Boehner thinks this makes them look serious and courageous. The problem for them is that actual people have taken a look at it and determined it is more fantasy than Harry Potter (not to mention much, much less entertaining).

On the one hand, Ryan ran the budget by some “analysts” who, coincidentally, just happen to fully back the entire thing. As National Journal reports, the Heritage Foundation, a rabidly free-market think tank, makes some pretty jaw-dropping claims about what the budget would do for the country. Among the most incredible:

“The unemployment rate will plunge by 2.5 percentage points. The still-sinking housing market will roar back in a brand new boom. The federal government will collect $100 billion more in income tax revenues than it otherwise would have. And that’s just in the first year. By 2015, the forecasters say, unemployment will fall to 4 percent. By 2021, it will be a nearly unprecedented 2.8 percent.”

Sure. And if a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump its ass when it jumped. As Political Wire¬† notes, the unemployment hasn’t been that low since 1953 ( a period that also saw our highest union membership, oddly enough).

Yet what really takes Ryan’s proposal over the line from un-serious governing into magical candyland is the way be which he plans to achieve these numbers: slash federal spending (though he doesn’t explain how), eliminate medicare and medicaid and give every living thing in sight another tax cut.

There’s just no stopping the GOP.