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Mitt Romney Can’t Help Himself

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Hot on the heels of a very interesting story in which Romney aides and staffers bought and subsequently destroyed 17 hard drives with information relating to his time in the Mass. governor’s mansion comes his first major political ad:

Pretty devasting, right? Well, it would be if it weren’t a completely disingenuous fabrication. When Obama is quoted in the video as saying, “if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose,” he’s not making that assertion for himself but rather quoting a McCain staffer who said it in relation to the McCain campaign! The most amazing part is that the Romney campaign, much like with the continuing e-mail situation, has doubled down and asserted that the blatant dishonesty is perfectly legit and that they used the clip on purpose.

Any sane person can see the obvious implications here: if you could get a candidate to, say, quote The Shining and say on camera, “I didn’t just kill you, I cut you up into little bits,” you could, according to RomneyLogic™, then put that into a commercial and claim the the candidate was a  murderous sociopath. Think Progress has put together a response to the Romney commercial to illustrate this beautifully:

Romney must really be sweating the Gingrich bubble if he’s this desperate already.


Let’s Get Up to Speed

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It’s November, people. That means we have almost exactly one year until the elections of 2012.

“But Rottenart,” I  hear you ask, “between Occupying Everything and working three jobs, not to mention reading your numerous daily blog updates, how can I possibly know which loony tune GOP candidate to vote for in the upcoming primary? They’re all so equally crazy that it’s really difficult!”

Have no fear, dear readers! Follow me after the jump to take an in-depth look at the GOP field as it stands so you can become the informed voter our country needs, not the one our country deserves!

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The GOP “Debates”

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I’ll start with a confession: I didn’t watch last night’s debate. Mostly because this is, what, the 27th in a  row now? Secondly, I already know about all the excitement. Lastly (and most importantly), I didn’t watch because there’s absolutely nothing more I could learn about the candidates to convince me that any of them is worth worrying about. Remember, we’re talking about the nomination of the 2011 Republican party. In a nutshell, that means no taxes, no regulations, no gays, no Mexicans and no poors. There, I just saved you having to watch the next one.

In fact, the only real reason to keep watching these things is to see which candidate flames out next. From Perry’s narcoleptic swagger to Bachmann’s twangy platitudes from outer space to Herman Cain’s SimCity tax plan, it’s hard to see how anyone takes them seriously. Romney, far and away the most electable, also comes off as just a clueless buffoon. Who doesn’t understand why expanding your manse while calling for foreclosures to continue (so they can be scooped up by investors, naturally!) is tone-deaf at best and utterly callous as worst?

The real takeaway is that the GOP field is populated much like a clown car. None of these candidates offers any real plans for American progress. Their messages are all predicated on ideas that have been tried for the last 30 years and have failed miserably. Their best hope is a chameleon who would be a staunch liberal if he had any core principles whatsoever. I’m not naive enough to believe that Obama will have an easy time next year but with this current crop of Republican jokers, it’s hard to see how he won’t.

When Does ‘No’ Actually Mean ‘Yes’?

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Obama’s economic package has finally been unveiled and, just like I predicted, Republicans aren’t having any part of it. This is not surprising. Prominent Republican Oompa-Loompa John Boehner came out with a statement that might as well have been given in 2008 for all its reliance on talking points and disregard for facts. Since the GOP/Tea Party seems to be riding a crest of fear and disappointment into apparent victory in November, why would they change the game plan now? Obama’s projects, as stated by the president himself, are not a quick fix and even if they were to pass before the midterms (not bloody likely) they would not have a huge effect on the immediate economy. So we’re stuck with a minority party that has staked its political survival on the short term and a president who has staked the country’s on the long term.

Again, all of this is old news. What is interesting about this new bout of obstruction from the Right is just how potentially damaging  it is. Most Americans probably aren’t aware of  how many of the president’s accomplishments, most notably Health Care Reform and Financial Reform, come from Republicans. HCR is especially notable, in that it is virtually indistinguishable from the plan Mitt Romney enacted in MA. Financial reform, though not quite as Republican in origin, nevertheless incorporates plenty of conservative ideas. Adding those examples up with the “cash-and-trash” phenomenon, it seems the American public is perfectly content to let Republicans defy proposals that they themselves once supported (or still secretly do).

But the new economic proposal has the Right in uncharted territory. Yes, the proposals by Obama are all ones that the nearly extinct moderate Republicans have been clamoring for and supporting for some time. What’s different is that the powerful players of K Street and the Chamber of Commerce also happen to like the proposals. At least they did as of Obama’s speech. This puts the minority party in the uncomfortable position of trying to grandstand against their own financial benefactors. The wacko 29%’ers are pleased as punch when the Republicans just say no; evidently they seem to think that gridlock and inaction is exactly what America needs and what the people want (hint: it’s not). But I wonder just how firm the Republican’s obstruction will be when it steps on the toes of conservative playmakers like the CoC? I know money makes the world go round, doubly so if you have an R next to your name. If the donations from lobbyists start drying up because they actually like Obama’s plan (the one they practically wrote), will the Party of No be forced to change course?

The smart bet is on no. Boehner and Co. think they have a winning formula with their “Let’s Not Take America Anywhere” strategy. I really don’t see them coming to their senses before November, the American people be damned. But during the back and forth over Obama’s economic package in the upcoming weeks, just remember who was calling for the proposals in the first place.

What a Drag It Is Getting Old

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Poor, poor Walnuts. See, he thought that after losing a presidential campaign, in part because he decided to thrust a vapid, media-whore hillbilly into the spotlight as his running mate, he would be able to at least skate to re-election as the senior senator from the fine, arid state of AZ. Alas, once the scary black dude was sworn in, the Great White American Freakout™ began in earnest and all of a sudden it wasn’t so cool to be the senior senator from AZ. For their part, the Teabaggers decided they’d like to see one of their own take over for Grampa Mccain, namely an unhinged lunatic radio jockey who wants to marry his horse or something. Now, this did not sit well with John Mccain. Not well at all. See, being the senior senator from AZ has all sorts of perks and side benefits like socialist health care and a three day work week. Not to mention that if he was no longer a senator then he’d have to spend more time with his family in one of their seven homes, sipping free Budweiser and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. And who wants that?

Needless to say, John Mccain had to come up with something, anything, to endear himself to the Teabagger Nation. He’s made a pretty good run of it, throwing his principles out the windows of the Straight Talk Express as if they were no more then electoral college votes. Too bad that didn’t work, though, because his opponent is so far to the right as to be completely in another galaxy and even John Mccain’s years of experience at hypocrisy are no match for a bona fide wingnut loon. However, Walnuts does not give up easily, people! He’s got a new plan that is sure to bring the sheep back into the fold, so he can continue to be grumpy on the senate floor forever: tell the Teabaggers that he was never a maverick! On its face, this seems like a good idea: Teabaggers tend not to be too intelligent and anything they hear on Fox News is gospel, right? If Mccain could just get a soundbite or two stating his non-mavericky goodness, he’d be golden. But WAIT! Wasn’t it just last year he was proclaiming what a maverick he really was? That he was, in fact, the Original Maverick? Sadly, yes.

So now, instead of swooping in at the last minute with a can’t-fail plan worthy of the master flip-flopper himself, he has instead become the butt of the 24 hour news cycle mock-a-thon. It might have helped to use a word other than the one he made the centerpiece of his campaign, but such is the mysterious mind of Walnuts. I’m not in favor of a Senator J.D. Hayworth, but I must admit it has been fun watching him force John Mccain to spin and twitch like an epileptic sock puppet in the wind. I wonder what devious strategy Mccain will think up next! He never really married Cindy for her beer money and her percocet hook-up? Meghan’s enormous ta-tas actually belong to Janet Reno? My friends, whatever happens, it’s sure to be comedy gold, my friends!

Poor, Poor Mittens

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Ever since the passage of ACA, Mitt Romney has been having a bit of a tough time. The first thing he had to do, was proclaim how different his health care plan was from Obama’s. The only problem with his screed is that the Massachusetts plan is almost exactly like Obama’s. It seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle to Mitt’s dreams of a 2012 nomination. But ol’ Mitt plowed ahead, releasing his book No Apology, an ode to American exceptionalism that seems to have no bearing on reality. So, with one talking point diffused from all sides, Mitt moved on to another, which was… diffused from all sides (well, maybe not by John Bolton). It was almost sad to watch. Almost.

I guess Mitt’s handlers then thought up a new approach: why not try and glom on to a successful politician’s coattails? I mean, if the president is reading your book, that must mean you have something of value to contribute, right? Even Newsweek got in the game, arguing that Mitt is the only one that has the experience necessary to be in charge of the newly signed health care bill. Wait, didn’t he just spend last week talking about his health care plan is completely different that Obama’s? Oh right. That was last week.

The real kicker was when Obama yesterday decided to help Romney out with his message: “Hey Mitt! Your plan really is just like mine! By the way, I’m loving your book!” He didn’t really say that last part but I sensed it was implied.

What all this means is that Very Serious Candidate™ Mitt Romney has no where else to go. Despite his best intentions, he just can’t catch a break. I think he should go back to handling Olympic campaigns; he seemed to genuinely be good at that and didn’t even have to tap dance all over his principles to do it. Besides, London really needs help. Their logo for 2012 is atrocious. A job that big is right up Mitt’s alley. I’m pretty sure he won’t have much else going on.

The Hopey-Changey Thing’s Working Out Fine

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We needed 216; we got 219. So, after a year of unabashed stupidity, obfuscation, fear-mongering, and outright lying, we finally get a modest reform of the individual insurance market. Surely, May 5th farms are just around the corner. Now, the really funny part is going to be watching heads explode on Fox News, Mitt Romney trying to pretend that his MA health plan is totally different than the one just passed, and John Mccain “threatening” to not cooperate on any other legislation this year. That last one is especially tickling because, as you may well know, they HAVEN’T COOPERATED ON ANYTHING UNTIL NOW ANYWAY! We can surely look forward to the comedy gold of redneck teabaggers trying even harder to not look racist when the next issue tackled is immigration reform! Yay! If yelling “nigger” and faggot” passed for mature behavior during HCR, I can’t wait for the anti-immigrant rallies!

Actually, though this is undoubtedly a big win for the Dems and a huge (modest?) improvement for American health care, it really has an anti-climactic feel. I mean, we all knew the Blue Dogs weren’t coming along, although the list of 34 “No” names is interesting. In any event, it’s all over now but the crying and since it’s only Monday, you know we’re in for some major-league crying. I just wanted to offer my two cents and say congrats to the Dem Leadership: it wasn’t pretty but you got it done.